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[263] 01.01. [octally 000] New Year's Day
01.05. [octally 200] Day of life
Second Sunday in September [octally 400] Day of the new
25.12. [octally 550] Day of L

New Year's Day

[264] The celebration to the New Year's Day begins already the day before, at which the old year is disbanded. There are large fireworks and the mood is frolic. One stays up till midnight and celebrates the turn of the year. One wishes one another a good New Year. One posts also before postcards with thanks for the day of L and desires for the New Year. One recalls the old year and rates the (own) experiences.

[265] Parlour games are played and lead is poured. Crackers are opened. Glasses are clinked on the New Year. Parties are celebrated, to which one dresses up slightly and dances also to music. Speeches are held and there is a tombola. The television program sends merry broadcasts. It is the day on which one may kick over the own traces and worries and hardships take a back seat.

[266] New Year it gives in the morning a service, at which one thinks also of the dead one. At (after-) noon there is a festive concert and in the evening a speech of the head of the government. There is a good common meal in the family. One confabs with each other, makes resolutions and plans for the new year. Is there enough time, also more serious problems are addressed within the family or community.

Day of life

[267] The celebrations for the day of life begin likewise one day before: One dances into this day to music and prepares small gifts in the form of sweets, which are hidden on the next day and searched afterwards. One talks about that what just springs to ones mind concerning life. The elders give aphorisms and anecdotes. To the youngest especially beautiful stories are told or read.

[268] On the day of life a service takes place, at which one thinks also of the dead one. It is a popular wedding day. One meets in the family or community and it gives a good common meal. One visits patients and humans, who are sick. For this (in case of being prevented) also donations are usual. A May tree is erected. The date reflects life in all its forms from the beginning to end.

Day of the new

[269] On the day of the new one celebrates all new: Births and innovations such as inventions. It is the day on which the awards of the religion of love will be announced. The conferment takes place exactly one month later. In the television appropriate telecasts are shown. It is a popular wedding day. It begins the day before with a large evening party. One passes the summer or winter, according to the hemisphere of the earth.

Day of L

[270] On the day of L one celebrates the existence of L and the creation of the world. One thanks L for the evolutionary principle with the continuous improvement of the world under zis custody and supervision and considers, what one wants to do for L in the future. The day before or on the day itself gifts can be exchanged. Who wants to, erects a Christmas tree and decorates it. It is a family celebration, on which one primarily bethinks of L.

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