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[337] The symbol of the religion of love is L. It stands for the love to L, whose initial letter respectively zis call name it is. Who wants to, wears it in red (colour of love) on the left chest side (as deluxe model in red gold). Its height amounts to 1/25 m, its thickness 1/125 m. The sides behave like the golden section. The five is pointed up as sacral number and part of the Fibonacci sequence for the golden section.

[338] L stands also for the acentrical, compensatory justice of L. Two entities find to each other, whereat the larger stands for L and the smaller stands for the subordinated creatures of L. If one breaks the (cruel) cross to pieces, one receives two (harmonic, because golden section) Ls. The golden section occurs frequently in the creation and stands therefore again for L.

[339] It stands also in the initial letter e.g. for life as well as light and toppled as v (for English: virtue and victory). Apart from other positive words there are beside neutral naturally also negative words, however in the minority. This refers to the universality of L, whereat likewise the positive prevails. L stands as abbreviation also for other things: An error is to be excluded however in the context of the religion.

[340] L is fundamental: One can compose every other letter without gaps with suitable L-forms, if each L is small enough (finite world). Thus it is symbolised that L is in all things. In L is hidden the number five, since it to has two end points, one vertex and two edges. This refers not only to L, but also to humans with their five extremities respectively fingers/toes.

[341] Further symbols are the ring for an alliance among humans and with L and the burning candle, which stands for the soul and the light (of L) in the dark. Instead of a candle also different beautiful (electrical) light forms can be chosen.

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