Religion of Love

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[361] The religion of love rejects the baptism as ritual action since an indirect thing (water) is used here without direct reference to L. Man is with the conception in a special undissolvable relationship to L. A baptism is unnecessary therefore. All rites are rejected, which are based on superstition or represent an intervention into the rights of a free person.

[362] The Anointing of the Sick is replaced by the personal visiting. There are no confirmation, Eucharist, repentance and consecration in the religion of love. Instead of the consecration there is a ceremony of the bishop for the priests and the priests for the bishop. There is a ceremony after the choice of the highest representative likewise.

[363] For the initiation it is not necessary that the person to initiate is examined. Ze can participate in the instruction of the priests but does not have to. Sufficient knowledge can be acquired in self-reliance. The celebration of the initiation consists in the main in the reading of the names and is connected with the best wishes.

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