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Holy and Medals

[393] As holy the parts of L are identified, which are irrefutably true for their time and have highest positive contents. Everything that is derived from this content on earth is called sacral. So we can speak for example of sacral things and more particularly sacral scriptures. Persons are in principle not called sacral or even holy, since individual humans are too imperfect. With all not as sacral to characterise objects is to be spoken in the religious sense of religious ones.

[394] For particularly outstanding achievements in the field of religion the religion of love confers medals, which may be worn in the revers area. There are five ranks: Medal for Merit, Order of Merit, person of the year, groundbreaking achievement in the field of humanity and the highest honour. It is not necessary that all ranks will successively be run through.

[413] For the awarding an elected committee (magnitude after effort) of priests and laymen is responsible whose chairman accomplishes the awarding. The two lowest medals can be presented with also by bishops. The knights of the three highest medals have automatic right to vote in the committee. Everyone may submit suggestions to the committee which are to be justified sufficiently.

[414] Only a suggestion with at least two-thirds majority of the vote participants is accepted. On gross breaches against the religion the conferred decoration is to dispossess of afresh and the dispossession has to be made public. Therefore the rewarding is to be examined thoroughly. Also persons of other religions can be rewarded. Other decorations to the same person are to be considered.

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