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Religious Order

[1324] Each religious order sets itself a religious goal, compatible with the religion of love, that it aspires to with the possibilities available. Since every member of the order wants to develop towards L, follows from the service for L that it is an altruistic goal. Thus, a preferably large group of people is to benefit from the religious order without provoking excessive demand and wear and tear.

[1325] In the formulation and implementation of the goal, the individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as the inclinations and wishes, of the order members are to take into account. If a member of the order cannot be satisfied, suitable alternatives are to seek. That can be compromises, but also a change of the religious order. The religious order should have an ideal mix ratio of persons.

[1326] It may be indeed compared with a project team that must contain members from certain fields of activities in order to be successful. A too one-sided composition makes the community discontent and ineffective. Depending on the goal, the filling of certain positions is simply necessary to ensure a smooth interaction. At a pinch, one must draw on non-members of the religious order.

[1327] External persons are to integrate carefully and appropriately. They should feel well in cooperation with the religious order. If the relationship is purely businesslike, the financial affairs should be properly regulated. Are there any incidents that make a consensual relationship impossible, it is carefully to ponder on a remedy of the problem and to work out and to implement a joint decision.

[1328] One has not to have relationships by hook or crook. Often, it is more advisable consequently to rule off a relationship than to maintain it. It is necessary to consider carefully the alternatives and not to dissociate oneself from the standards of the religion of love. One cannot expect that all creatures are ideally developed, since development is an ongoing process that calls for sufficient endeavour and effort.

[1329] The more developed should recognise when the religious order is overreached or exploited, or when someone does harm to it. As time goes by, approved models should exist for the various goals of religious orders by which one can orient oneself. A religious order has not to be optimally put together. It is part of the game that it learns to cope with trouble and unusual situations.

[1330] One should take care that the rules jointly created are stuck to and deviations are adequately corrected. The rules themselves should be neither too strict nor too lax, but ensure a conducive living together. They should generally seize on problems known and long-lasting without violating the personality of certain members of the order. Everybody should observe them voluntarily and with pleasure.

[1331] For this purpose, ze should appreciate that certain stipulations must be observed. The rules should also contain can-, may- and should-sentences, as well as mention positive things. They should convey to every member of the order that they are there to make possible that it can develop optimally under the present circumstances. Problems should be with confidence talked over periodically and if necessary, since this is required for their solution.

[1332] Every member of the order has a right to be adequately heard in zis affairs - especially by the guidance of the religious order. The guidance has then appropriately to attend to the processing of the entrusted, observing the necessary discretion. If the guidance does not attend to this duty, the member of the order may complain to the responsive bishop, who then has to examine the case in depth.

[1333] The religious order should integrate itself well into the societal life. For this purpose, for example, an appealing presence on the internet is suitable, in which it informs about itself and its activities. It should attentively watch the world affairs, because it is good for its development. It should, however, equally clearly repudiate everything that offends against the word of L. It should be open to everybody who approaches with sincere intentions.

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