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Other Religions

[1335] Adherents to the religion of love should enter into an open dialogue with adherents of other religions, which is based on mutual respect and should take the particular other the way ze is. Although a uniform religion is to aspire to, there will be again and again adherents who want to keep faith with their religion, for example, because they want to preserve the tradition. There are principally no objections to it.

[1336] Every religion should be so open that it takes over the best principles for itself. It should give unity to the multiplicity, without destroying the multiplicity. It should be the umbrella under that the creatures gather in order to develop optimally. There should be no prohibition of thought. Everybody should be able to represent zis views for zerself. If a statement of a religion is no longer suitable, a better one should take its place.

[1337] If L does not express zerself, the majority may fix the statement, for example by voting. The defeated minority must not be forced to accept the statement, but may find its own way to deal with it. There are just diverging interests. Not anybody can be pleased. Someone will be excluded from the religion of love, if zis continuance in it turns out to be not acceptable.

[1338] One can make shifts for strongly diverging interests remedy by not fixing or repealing certain statements within the religion. L and I take the view, however, that everybody can live well with the statements of the religion of love. It accommodates the latest developments and does not specify what cannot be observed. It allows everything that is not necessarily to be prohibited because it does not please L.

[1339] The religion of love seizes readily suggestions and tries to integrate them after examination, if possible. It formulates, what makes an easy living together of the creatures possible. It tries to settle conflicts and to offer solutions for emerging problems. It also clearly recognises the limits of its responsibility and defers in problematic cases to the proper contact persons.

[1340] It may admittedly take, for example, a stand on economic or political problems, but these are not their core field. It makes statements what L desires from the creatures, not what the experts must clarify for themselves in the concrete circumstances. These experts may belong to the religion of love, but they cannot act and speak concerning their special problems on behalf of the religion of love.

[1341] The religion of love determines in the first place the personal and collective development of a creature towards L and specifies how one should behave in the sense of L. She makes statements concerning the divine order. Within this scope, it accepts the cognitions of science, without achieving them in its name. It evaluates them and orients its religious life by them properly.

[1342] It reserves to lead the research and social institutions - even outside of its field after its ideas in order to progress on its own field. Their members have to behave reconcilable with the religion of love; they have not to belong to it. Where possible, it cooperates with people outside the religion of love. Presupposition is their compatibleness with its principles.

[1343] If this compatibleness is controversial, it weighs all pros and cons, and appoints in case of doubt reviewers to clarify the state of facts professionally. It is flexible enough to compromise if the concerned creatures are helped with this. It will not engage to trample on the rights of the creatures, but always stick to its own standards, since it knows what L may demand from it.

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