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[1344] Although it is important to come to rest, to experience silence and to free oneself from thinking, meditation does not rate as high in the religion of love, as in some other religion. This is because the life focussed on L puts everybody in the right mood to be able to serve L and the creatures optimally. Extreme experiences are not aspired to by the religion of love.

[1345] Who lives in accordance with L does not need further auxiliary means to feel well, but is healthy most of the time. Ze is happy in every second of zis life, even if the conditions for outsiders may appear still so hard. Even in suffering ze experiences cognitions that further zis development and make zis suffering understandable. Ze is in a continuous growth process, which is simply to call beautiful.

[1346] Ze is taken up with zis work and appreciates also the value of unpleasant work, since life must consist of ups and downs. Zis thoughts are free and devote themselves to the things that bring joy to L, others and zer. Ze knows that L shows zer the right way and that L suffers just as much as this likes to concede to zerself. Therefore ze knows that ze has not long to suffer, but that always the equitable compensation comes.

[1347] Ze knows that, if ze takes care, a lot of things come from alone, since ze is headed in the right direction. Ze knows that problems only occur where ze is wrong, the more thoroughly, the more often. Ze knows that L sends zer the answers ze needs to understand the world and to live worthily in it, for L, others and zerself. Ze never tires of helping others and is a model to everybody in all essential concerns.

[1348] Ze knows that ze can outgrow zerself if ze only leads a life pleasing in the sight of L. Ze shares zis knowledge with everybody for whom ze has time. It gives pleasure to zer to accompany others in their development towards L and to enjoy their successes with proper attendance. Ze has knowledge of the right amount of zis efforts and achieves this way the efficiency that makes life beautiful to L, others and zer. Ze thanks L by zis deeds.

[1349] Ze loves the place L has chosen for zer and knows that there is no better one, ze is headed in the right direction. If conditions are not optimal yet, ze knows that ze is to mature on them. Ze constantly play zis part in enabling everybody to do a better and better service for L. Ze understands why zis life runs this and no different way. Ze proves to be matched up to any task and floors others through undiminished performance.

[1350] Even if ze is not blessed with all the gifts, ze knows to make the best of zis life by achieving with what is given to zer that what ze aspires to. L gives zer what ze longs for, because ze has become for L so important. For whoever is valuable for many, is also valuable for L, as long as it are the values of the religion of love. Nobody can delude zer with something, since ze has learned so much from L in life.

[1351] Although ze may make mistakes but these mistakes will further zer, because ze learns from them. Who is headed in the right direction for whom life runs of its own volition. Even if L recalls zer early from life, ze knows that ze has accomplished enough to bear before L and to enter into an equitable subsequent world. L will explain to zer zis life ze and ze will understand why it could only proceed this way, and will want to prove L right in everything.

[1352] Ze recognises that ze is living with L in the best community regardless of how many creatures else are around zer. Ze will always prefer L, but also mind the right of zis environment on zer. Ze takes the pressure off L by looking for fellow campaigners, with whom ze is still stronger, as if ze would be alone. If ze finds nobody the community with L is sufficient for zer. If ze finds them, ze tries to enlarge zis environment more and more.

[1353] Ze knows how one wins over others, since ze beams in zis whole personality and everybody would be gladly close to zer if this is possible. But ze also accepts if the grandness ze won through the relationship with L discourages others from getting involved with zer or creates this distance. The relationship with L and the service for L are more important to zer than a large environment, which takes up in general care and effort.

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