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Spirituality and Maturation

[522] From L springs everything, after L everything is striving. To whom it is possible, should begin early with zis spiritual development. This includes the gearing to L in prayer and the study of texts (e.g. those of the religion of love), personal development and maturation in the sense of the virtue doctrine, the experience in the community with like-minded people (I, you, they, we in the integral approach).

[523] It also includes the love of other creatures, especially those on the margins of society (see above), if possible, the further development of the religion or the ascertainment of its theory, the transformation of society, if in it the states to strive are still not achieved, as only in the service for all the creatures of a world highest fulfilment can be achieved.

[524] For its support should be paid attention to a comprehensive knowledge, including the environment apart from religion, as a too narrow religious orientation does harm to the over-all personality more than it benefits. Spiritual knowledge and research should exceed science, as the rational field is left on the higher levels and the highest results are obtained with not-actual scientific methods.

[525] The achievement of enlightenment does not necessarily belong to spiritual development, as it represents an extreme state that hampers the normal life in the world and is even by L not practiced for a long time. Besides the uniqueness of the experience nothing has been told to our world that the creatures could not attain otherwise. Everyone must and wants to leave the enlightenment again sometime.

[526] One can take all positive states in its highest forms and want to stay in it on the longest period: Without negativity, there is no change, and life becomes boring. The attraction of life consists in alternating polarities. The aspiring to the avoidance of suffering points in the same direction. If one gets rid of all contents of the awareness - is quasi-dead - one wants the change.

[865] Maturation has less something to do with serenity and life experience, but more with the fact to have early set the right course and to draw the correct conclusions from target and performance. It is the result of an efficient refining of oneself and also dares to advance to the limits of the possible. It does not eschew the negative, but integrates it usefully into the whole of the personality and experience.

[866] The mature human being outgrows itself in each phase of life and furthers itself best by others who have advantage over it and with those ze can compare. It does not put pressure to perform on itself, but moves appropriately through the heights and depths of life. It is not elitist, although it may belong to the elite in zis way, but everybody looking for a warrantable contact can talk to zer.

[867] This warrant can be given by the reason for the contact, be present in the matter itself or spring from L. The mature human being realises fastest who can help when how zis counterpart - if at all. Maturation cannot be gained without a minimum of education. Therefore, whose refusal is a great injustice, if desire for education exists. It is to avoid as possible.

[868] Since education can be rated among the basic needs, if the personal prerequisites of retentiveness, studiousness and memory are given, the visit of an appropriate educational recourse is to guarantee. Since basic information costs practically nothing measured against the utility it can bring, everybody is to provide with it appropriately and its study to make possible.

[869] Learning disabilities and failures are to combat through suitable educational countermeasures. The aim is the possible self-acquirement of the education aimed at to improve the own personality, while maintaining the quality of life and assuring the livelihood. In so doing, the public welfare is to take into account adequately. Qualifications help to compare knowledge.

[870] All education is of no use if it is not applied usefully to the own life and to that of others. Therefore, after the matter is noticed the first time it has to be selected, worked out, evaluated, edited and independently scrutinised and thought further. Everybody decides what ze wants to know, (unfortunately) must and can know. One has to use extreme care - possibly with the aid of others - for this course setting.

[871] Gifted people should try to enjoy a scholarship and, should the occasion arise, be prepared to leave the ancestral environment to be prepared for their future in an accommodation specially catered to them (such as a boarding school). The experience of corresponding communities of like-minded persons can generally be of particular value, since community can be felt as particularly exhilarating.

[872] The notably matured person should pass zis knowledge and zis skills to others. For this purpose, a knowledge database can serve to avoid repetitions and to reach the largest addressed audience as possible. Otherwise, the personal environment can prove as thankful acceptor: the own family, friends and colleagues can benefit therefrom, even if it is not unique knowledge.

[873] The mature human being will impose on nobody, since it has its strengths also in the interpersonal field: nobleness of the heart and intermediary function belong to it as well as patience and empathy. Ze can sort zis knowledge by importance and knows what is important in life. Ze never stops learning and is prepared to correct zerself even in basic things, if necessary.

[874] Ze knows zis knowledge gaps and knows why ze has them. Usually ze can also specify why nature accredited zer on the one hand with certain skills and on the other hand did not. Ze can give reasons why L plays the most important role in zis life and should play in other lives. Ze has a consistent image of the world(s) and knows zis way beyond the death. One must simply reciprocate zis love and respect.

[892] If we are too one-sided, there is already something wrong. Healthy individuality has always been a holistic and integral approach. One falls to the other extreme, if one gets bogged down in zis development in as many fields as possible. If one does not consider what is worth to know and nobody harms, acts short-sightedly and does harm to oneself. Quickly one stabs then L unwisely or irreversibly in the back.

[893] L has the most labour with the immature changeable that want and demand much, but have no firm goal and are permanently malcontent. Good and evil is considered by them with the same worth and L means nothing to them, if they only can satisfy their changing needs. They are usually a burden for their environment, since they are very overbearing and want to be the heart of what is happening. Their price is usually an early death.

[894] Their performance is necessarily low, since they prefer to criticise than to accomplish something important. Since they do not learn their lesson in life, they expand only sparsely and need long before they reach L. The really evil needs the good to misuse it for its purposes and to experience it for itself. We should be the opposite of such beings and never lose our goal, L, out of mind, but bless zer.

[895] L has the least labour with those who continue to develop towards zer and master so the ups and downs of life. They have high ideals, which they try to put into practice and which are more important than status and wealthiness. They accomplish much for L and others and reach zer at the right time. They represent an enrichment of life for everybody who appreciates their worth and their goals.

[896] Often they are inconspicuous beings, whose depth and wisdom lie snug, since they try to avoid the fame and its consequences. It happens that they make themselves worse than they are, because they need the distance to pursue their goals. The expert recognises them, nevertheless, and lets them their areas of freedom, since ze destroys otherwise something important. They are after L the true paragons, not what else often is in the vanguard.

[897] Everything in between is for L the mainstream. It, too, has its particular value because it is the foundation for the most. It is not indistinctive, but in itself very differentiated, as a society with division of labour needs it. One can lead in it a comfortable life until the respective compensation takes place. Even if this trisection is of ethical nature, it is essential and orientating for the religion.

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