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Culture and Games

[1309] Beautiful music is not specific for a cultural sphere. To open up to foreign cultures again and again may be furthered by their music. So theme nights are suitable to plunge into a foreign culture and to broaden the horizon. Guests from the foreign culture may give in the context of a cultural exchange to the service a very special and valuable touch. Every culture has a valuable treasure for everybody.

[1310] Whose wisdom one should know and heed. So fossilised structures are broken up and space for new things emerges. Every culture must be respected in its uniqueness. It is amiss to put the one above the other, since each has its history, which shapes it and which is inextricably joined with it. Although one can live as one likes to, but the alien must always be respected.

[1311] Strange customs may disgust us, and if they violate the word of L, we may want to move in on them. But we should always first take up the position of the others thoroughly and cautiously before we decide against it. If we are a good advocate of the opposite side, we can only win - one way or another. It is a good role play, as to live as in a foreign culture, if we do this empathetically.

[1312] In virtual worlds, this can be carried out with any accuracy, if the searches are thorough and the attitude is right. A gamemaster may keep watch that everything takes its orderly course and that nobody sheers out excessively. On has not to start for a good role play from scratch, but can use prepared scenarios. The internet makes a game possible across any natural borders.

[1313] Suitable computer simulations may make the experience of a role play still more realistic. The more the role play has touched oneself, the more likely one will be willing to put down and to evaluate zis experiences in a diary. No role play should be so stressful that one needs a long time to return to the normal state again. For this the gamemaster has to pay special and careful attention.

[1314] For this purpose it may be necessary to measure and evaluate the relevant biometric parameters of the players continuously. Every player should be allowed to back out of the role play at any time without having to have a bad conscience. Since role play may be an addiction factor, the playtime should be limited in advance. Nobody should play so excessively that it is difficult for zer to return to the normal world.

[1315] The foregoing applies also to all other games, mutatis mutandis. With increasing progress, the computer players become better and better, so that they even have to be restricted in order to stand up to them. Therefore, one should carefully choose the right level, in which one is neither over- nor unchallenged. One should carefully consider, for what purpose and with what goal one plays, in order to avoid great disappointments.

[1316] Caution is advised in games that involve (real) money. Everybody should set a well-advised limit. In really valuable games, money is not involved, because it is just one facet that does not constitute the core of life. Nevertheless, money is so important that one can ruin one's life if one does not deal with it properly. Games should be appropriate to development. Minors are to protect from dangerous games.

[1317] While virtual games are usually not associated with bodily dangers, it looks like yet differently in any kind of worlds of experience. Everybody should be aware of the dangers that emerge from them. Nobody should be forced (e.g. as test of courage) to participate in certain games. The maturity of a group includes here to accept a 'no'. The greatest achievement is still to excel highly before L.

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