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[376] Although we shall not kill, the murder of a man-murdering tyrant may be justified. The death penalty is to be rejected in each case and also the enforced suicide. We may kill ourselves, if we have a stalwart reason that has existence under L. The longest imprisonment may not exceed 5 years. Preventive detention is hereof excluded. Corporal punishments are to be rejected.

[831] Tests on humans must not exploit their economic emergency. Also the removal of organs - for example, after breeding in humans - against their will or for inadequate value is condemnable. To exhibit prepared corpses publicly against the will expressed in the lifetime violates the dignity of man. Dead are to inter dignifiedly in the (assumedly) desired form.

[388] Killing (innocent) people is one of the worst crimes, if it happens with intent - in particular against children. From it the euthanasia is excluded: active euthanasia is to be rejected; if a person wants to commit suicide, however, with certain medicines, then these must be available for zer under conditions. The procuring is to be placed exempt from punishment.

[389] The conditions are the guarantee of the desired effectiveness of the medicines, adequate application and an obligation to register. The desire for discontinuation of life-extending measures for humans in case of most serious illness is always to be respected. Each person has the right to a worthy death and is therefore to be advised comprehensively about zis dying.

[391] Each person has the right to a worthy life. That includes in particular the basic needs. Apart from the material basic needs the needs for devotion and love are very important: Almost any person can give both, otherwise ze is to be called ill and requires an appropriate therapy, if this is possible. The fact that not all humans can cover basic needs represents an enormous evil.

[392] It occurs that mothers decide against the becoming life. This is to be regretted in each case. If they were advised and maintain their difficult decision, then the abortion should be made as early as possible - before inspiriting. Embryonic stem cells may be used for research purposes, embryos only, if they are not inspired, and the agreement of parents is present.

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