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[1027] Despite increasing individualisation and specialisation, there are central general fields shared by many creatures - among others L and religion: They must not be neglected, but require the same attention as other special fields. Here are also developments and trends to pursue and to integrate usefully in life. Both fields have to harmonise: otherwise one becomes ill.

[1028] So an intelligent information management is to conduct that structures and makes available the living and dead knowledge. We must be willing to forget information skilfully to have space for enough new information. In humans this is done automatically, cyborgs for example must help the process: The recommended guidelines should be complied with. It affects otherwise one's life to the own detriment.

[1029] Every creature should know its capacity and make realistic targets after that. It is more important to lead a life of high quality than to work oneself into the ground during competition. So phases of peak performances have to alternate with contemplative phases, in which one can rest. The world is rich enough, so that life under extreme conditions has not to belong to the daily routine.

[1030] The world government has to protect the individual against excessive demand - for example by determining and monitoring working conditions. Disease is damaging not only the individual, but is also expensive for society, which has to bear the emerging costs. Rather preventive incentive-based health programmes are to issue. Health crime is to prosecute as sternly as other crime too.

[1031] Onesidedness should be coped with by expansion and rotation through different fields of activity. Targeted (also costly) programs may be needed to remedy health harms caused by unilateral strain. Everyone should take professional advice to keep alternatives in life open. L wants the matured, but healthy creature.

[676] Oneness can be a dangerous reductionism: Man is homed in on expansion and personal development, for which diversification is a good word. Everyone, however, is a whole that should not be divided. Rearing parts again may be legitimate; problematic is however, the spirit. It is something beautiful to be able to be proud of ones distinctiveness and uniqueness (multiples problem).

[988] One can oppose L with one's will by wanting, what cannot please L. Only with the execution one collects bad karma, since the thoughts are set at liberty. But we should consider what we want and how L adheres to that. Indeed we can also act in affect, but then we do not act deliberately directed. We should always try to be master of our actions.

[989] L is always stronger than our will can be. Ze will not try to break our will, but to send us thoughts which lead us on the straight and narrow. Only by refining ourselves we gain the stability that we need to make always the right decisions. A thorough weighing of all contemplable pros and cons help us to take over responsibility in the right way.

[990] We must learn to have a strong will in order to endure, what gets in our way. If we go always only the easy way, we attract the unpleasing, since the easy way is usually not the best one. This does not mean that the uncomfortable way is always the best one. If we consider accurately how we best attain the goal, the way there will appear by itself.

[991] With a strong will, we are able to cope with a heavy load and the load entails reward. With a weak will, we are the puppet of the circumstances and we rarely achieve, what we are to achieve. We go down in L's esteem, even if we never can lose zis love for us. In order to develop towards L the whole person is asked, since L is something comprehensive that cannot be reduced to a part.

[1001] The problem of increasing individuality and excessive demand can be solved by the endeavour to let find people together over long distances after the same interests. Personality coaches can support and watch over the progress. Since specialisation also Increases, teams may become necessary to cope with complex issues adequately.

[1002] To compensate deficits targeted programmes are to be developed that consider the personalities of the involved parties adequately. For notably obstinate cases, a lifelong chaperonage may be necessary, particularly if human beings fall victim to serious criminal activities. Fortunately, the increasing complexity occurring can be absorbed by the progress.

[1003] The mental diseases unfortunately will play a always major role in the future. Therefore, it is important to set the course properly and to begin early an education according to development. Since emotional needs also fall in the field of religion, the religious education - especially for the strengthening of morality - is so important. The more favourable the living conditions, the lower the criminality.

[1004] Who knows that criminality in the long term does not pay off, will seek to choose viable alternatives. At this, every individual is to support. There will have to be in the future proper morality keepers, since already small delinquencies can have a devastating effect: Everywhere, where information is everything, a small misinformation is enough to "spark a bomb off" and bomb alerts can be expensive.

[1005] These morality keepers must be sensitive even in the most inconsiderable fields. Computer support with large databases will be essential. Since the computer can be used in principle for criminal activities, even today. There can be easily established scenarios at scientific level - and be it through fake data. Its rebuttal may demand a thorough analysis through experts.

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