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Death and Addiction

[527] The life with its ups and downs is for every living being in all the worlds the highest fulfilment if it concentrates on L respectively the whole. Who wants the death has never really lived. L is poised to grant, if all attempts failed to convince a creature of the opposite, the eternal death, but until now every dead creature wanted again and again to return to life - without exception.

[528] Any form of death that a creature has chosen was in the long run conceived as unsatisfactorily. The simple being-not-anymore was repeatedly rejected, after L had shown the creature the glories of the worlds. Also each creature needs to process of firstly its karma and if it had processed this, every creature was ready to live on forever - voluntarily.

[540] Addiction - to drugs in particular - is to cope with by a lot of love and devotion. The transformation to the fulfilling activities by the service for L is to avouch for successively. Here professional help is indicated, but not only. Response and understanding can be achieved by almost anyone. Financial assistance can relieve the greatest distress - by the state or private.

[541] One can have extraordinary experiences with drugs and generally. The religion of love aspires to no extremes, because L is not extreme, but to all the best to that L has given us natural gifts. That does not mean that we should not aim at the best, but that we thereto do not need extreme experiences. Everything desirable we can achieve by the polarities swinging around the centre.

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