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Self-reliance, Community and Achievement

[148] Virtue develops best to the others. Only with a global approach I can do justice to L and the world. Thus, it applies to take up the world knowledge selecting i.e. to gather the most important from everything. If I extended the own horizon sufficiently, I can develop only an own righteous point of view.

[149] It is not sufficient to rely on L since ze expects self-reliance and could settle zis experiences at the beginning also only with zerself. Ze refers the trouble and setbacks that ze experienced thereby in moderated form to us. We live after L. Ze can love us nearly equally, since our differences are small among ourselves before zer.

[150] Ze does not have the claim that we discover zer something new, since we cannot do that, because ze anyway already knows everything that is possible. This goes away from the earned thinking: We are to achieve something, if we can, but it is sufficient, if we live our life for and in front of L, without achieving something enormous.

[151] L decides what achievements ze demands from us and what do justice to zer. Ze accepts that suffering and general fate can prevent achievements. In addition, ze does not ignore, if we underachieve. L, however, always regards us beyond our initial world in view of the eternal life offered by zer.

[449] One should pay attention exactly to the education one appropriates. There is much that is not worth knowing or sorts ill with one. Personality formation ranks before skills. It is often sufficient to have knowledge handy instead of present: To structure knowledge, in order to be able to react adequately. However, it is an error to believe that one can carry out something big without extensive knowledge (results by chance).

[450] A feat concerns always many (humans). An achievement on a special field can be important, is, however, ever smaller to be classified than a universal one. However, many special achievements can result in a big one. Humans are never alone to judge for their achievements but for their possibilities. A person with few possibilities can nevertheless be eminently lovable (possibility!).

[738] To have guests and to be guest can be something beautiful, if all sides contribute to this. The nations attach different importance to hospitality. If this is really felt or sure, a particularly harmonious and winning living together is possible. The community is always more effective than the solitary life, as it is a natural corrective. Criticism helps us really on.

[739] A concerted achievement can be more effective than an individual one. Any idea should be examined by a community, since many competing ideas exist in it. Although the good ultimately prevails, tests (by others) have never harmed. With new ideas, there is a lot to bear: everybody should consider when ze says what whom how. It may be necessary to renounce due to certain ideas.

[740] It may happen that a community does not put up with a person (anymore) among itself: e.g. when ze is to be deported as a stranger. This is more a problem of our time than in the distant future, where the differences cut themselves more and more. The formation of ghettos based on income or other differences is to be avoided. A strong community becomes mature with its differences and discriminates against nobody.

[741] Who looks down at a person, has not understood this person. Not everybody has the possibilities that one has oneself, and vice versa. Everyone is to judge after zis possibilities. There are contents that we cannot facilitate to a person in this life. But everybody will understand each facts of this world in a later life, since everybody becomes divine instance. Who positions zerself over a person demeans zerself.

[742] One can grow away from a person: If one said all to each other and the differences are unbridgeable, the time has come to separate. People are only limited mouldable by people. There are insurmountable obstacles - for each of us. We should always separate with all decency. We wish everybody the best on zis further path through life, and that L lets us come together again.

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