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Recovery and Health

[566] No one should overextend oneself. It belongs to it to enjoy life too. So sufficiently long pauses are important in that one bethinks oneself of oneself or simply does nothing. Leisure must be. Recovery is particularly due to those who have worked hard, even in the family. Anyone who works too hard becomes sick and unhappy. The community is strong enough that the work can be spread over many shoulders.

[567] Therefore for everybody also holiday should be possible, the less holidays there, the longer. It is important that one knows to occupy oneself usefully. This should be possible without any problems in a community that needs the devotion of many. Particular devotion will be needed by the depressives. They are thrown back on themselves and capable of little. Only medicines solve their problems not appropriately.

[568] Thus, a strong community should account for the necessary medicines solidarily, but not forget professional psychiatric help. Health care can be expensive, but a strong community that waives in the right matters can absorb a lot. It is not necessary that the art of healing dwindles into a pure high-technology medicine that adheres to the orthodox medicine.

[569] Alternative healing methods that have proved themselves or are pending on probation are not negligible. Also the belief in the recovery can bring much and should be encouraged. Sufficient hygiene is important, physically as mentally. To promoting nutrition and the correct body temperature should also be paid attention. The hospital beds should be appropriate. Sometimes expensive versions are necessary.

[570] Friendly and attentive behaviour can subserve to convalescence with respect to the patient. The patient should collaborate in zis recovery actively. Ze should be saved admittedly, but not subdemanded. So it may make sense to make plans and to implement them. It can be helpful to find out what L intends with one probably. For this purpose, the intensive prayer and conversations with confidants are suitable.

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