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Partnership, Marriage and Sexuality

[185] Virtuous acting has to do also with sexuality. L gave us sexuality, in order to be able to conjoin with other humans physically, emotionally and mentally. The sex as physical side is not something indecent, but is as intimate experiencing not intended for the public. Publicly practiced it does not come to its highest development, but has somewhat voyeuristic.

[186] Sex can be practised nowadays more freely, since there are more possibilities of contraception and avoidance of venereal diseases. The proscription of early sexual experience can be regarded as amiss. Also in the case of conception there are aids and programs for the mother. Release for adoption is in view of the number of seeking parents no problem likewise.

[187] The religion of love and L do not condemn the lower forms of sexuality prefer, however, the higher forms with humans. Practiced bi- and homosexuality do not belong to the lower forms, since same-sex love has equal rights to heterosexuality, even if it cannot lead to reproduction. The latter is not the exclusive aim of sexuality, since copulation and lust can stand for themselves.

[188] Sexuality should always be based with all involved on voluntariness otherwise it has to be spoken from sexual violence. Sex of humans with animals is a low form of sexuality which is not to be aimed at. To the lower forms belong also masturbation, sex with unnecessary facilities, pornography and prostitution. They have their right in the context of overcoming of sexuality.

[946] Sexuality goes with a fulfilled life and should therefore not be pushed to the back of one's mind, but should be lived out as possible and after one's liking. It is important to hear to the wishes of the partner and to talk about sexual things. Sex should be fun and for this purpose considerateness and imagination are needed. Sex is healthy and unsolved sexual problems can entail serious diseases.

[947] Needs for sex have a wide range: everything appears from insatiable to not existing. Therefore, they are also differently to satisfy. Since sexuality counts among the basic needs, it should be denied to nobody. On punishments, the sexual contacts may yet be pared down to the individually determined minimum; offenders are not entitled to paid sex if they cannot pay.

[189] In the context of sexuality early sex education and contraception are important. Also there are no objections to (voluntary) artificial insemination, if its true parents are made known to the child. Polygamy belongs to the lower forms of the marriage, since it contradicts the principle to turn completely towards a partner after L.

[190] Sexual intercourse outside of an existing marriage deviates from this devotion and is, therefore, a lower form of sexuality. (Voluntary) incest is especially to be rejected as lower form of sexuality because of the arising genetic problems with the children. One does not have to be married, in order to enjoy sexuality. The marriage is a promise of extra solidarity and traditional legalisation.

[181] One has not to live in a marriage as long as possible at all. If a marriage is broken, one may be able to divorce. A marriage is broken, if at least one spouse does not want to maintain the marriage any longer. Reconciliation attempts should precede this realisation in particular if there are children under age of the spouses. It can be meaningful to agree upon a separation time before the divorce.

[191] Since same-sex relations are to be classed with the heterosexual relations, the marriage is open also to same-sex partners. The marriage ceremony in the context of the religion of love takes place only in special services, since not L but the marriage ceremony takes the centre stage. Of course also a new marriage is due to divorcees after an adequate separation time.

[192] A high virtue is beside the loyalty in the partnership the understanding for the other one. Then the necessary forgiving results nearly from alone. The other to assume in such a way as ze is and only wanting to change zer, where this is absolutely necessary, represents likewise an important condition for a successful partnership. Fantasy vitalises the partnership, empathy helps with the understanding of the partner.

[419] Beyond the partnership the marriage is L the most valuable connection between humans, particularly between man and woman, since the participants complete themselves here mentally, psychically and physically and thus profit from each other. Nothing however - also androgynity not - can surpass the partnership with L, since L represents the optimum corrective. The marriage is sacral and requires compromises.

[193] In the partnership with L it is important that one does not misuse L for the compensation of zis own inadequacies. L supports the own development process optimally - even if ze urges one to think about by oneself. One may say everything to L with all respect, if it does not happen publicly. Ze created and accepts us, therefore, with all our mistakes.

[948] Forced circumcision - except for health reasons - must be rejected, since protective functions, sexual capacity for experience and more are impaired. To cause orgasms artificially through stimulation with or without surgery is counted among the lower forms of sexuality. Transsexuality is a serious problem because the sexual identity is essential for the wellbeing.

[949] The measures to produce the sex the transsexual identifies with are to grant to zer in the desired extent. The community bears the costs. A sufficient clarification about the possibilities and consequences should go without saying as the adequate preparation for regarding measures and the sympathetic support.

[950] The same appreciation is to show to transgender people as to cisgender people. One has to oblige their legitimate specific needs among others through acceptance and tolerance. This also applies to intersexual people. Surgical procedures at intersexual people are so long to delay until the latter themselves can decide about them at full value and if bodily maldevelopments have not earlier to be counteracted.

[1775] The two sexes are equivalent. The existing differences must be respected highly. If the sexuality is lived out well, it leads to an optimal complement. Relationships demand the appropriate effort of all parties. Their essential element is love. Only L can bring about it, since it is of outstanding importance to every creature. However, it is only one factor among many other decisive ones.

[1776] Each sex has individual needs to that needs to be properly corresponded. Not any need is justified. Nevertheless, fairness commands to solve existing problems appropriately. To put oneself in the other's shoes facilitates the problem solving process. Certain sex-specific problems can be better solved within the same sex. This is to be taken into consideration accordingly.

[1777] There are fields where the gender gap cannot be bridged, or only poorly. Then it is better to forego a bridging and to solve the problem differently. In the future, the two sexes will be combined into a single one to have the advantages of both. The creatures will often be so differentiated that other criteria of the mutual attraction apply than the sexual ones.

[1778] Their love will include an exchange at many levels and be a multi-dimensional event that appeals to their many senses and abilities. They will love another form of life not for its own sake, but because it has those qualities that they lack in themselves, and because L gives them that love. Many will prefer to limit themselves to the fulfilling relationship with L.

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