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Dream and Sleep

[735] Even who never experienced the war can have such dreams hagriding zer. Dreams let us work off our inner life. Positive dreams can encourage us, but also negative can help us. Although everybody might try to interpret zis dreams zerself, we sometimes need professional help. Ultimately, however, we should decide what a dream means, as even the professionals are not always right.

[736] One can even dream of L: no subject is excluded. We should listen to the messages of dreams after we interpreted them correctly. This also concerns the day-dreams when we sleep little. The more we develop, the less sleep we need: One can feel well recreated and nothing is missing if one only rested, but did not sleep. But our body relies on the rest.

[737] We should allow our bodies the rest to avoid withdrawal symptoms. When the body is asleep, our minds can still turn to the most interesting topics. What does it give pleasure to discover new or to dispose of problems by cogitations. We can imagine our future and prepare for new projects. At this, we may of course make use of the help of L.

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