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[372] Animals are to be cared for species-appropriate. The intensive animal husbandry that concentrates on fast growth of animals (fattening) and/or milk production big as possible is to be rejected. Slaughtering of animals has to take place stress-free and with anaesthetisation. Long animal transports - in particular under unworthy conditions - are to be avoided. Special value is to place on species conservation.

[830] Scientific curiosity should not be lived out at the expense of others. Animal experiments are to narrow down to the indispensible: viable alternatives are preferable. Who produces misbreeds for dubious purposes and at that in great quantities, is punished. One has only to test substances on few animals, even if several animal species have to be employed because of the deviation of man from the animal.

[919] The after-rearing of single organs is only allowed if these are souled in no way. If they are after-reared using animals whose suffering is to reduce to a minimum. Animals should not be regarded as walking spare parts storages because they have dignity, too. All products of the animal, which can be produced artificially with reasonable expenditure, are to produce artificially (reduction of suffering).

[798] Only who really loves a pet and treats it well should keep it. The animal shelter is not a good place for a pet, if it is in the way. Rather renouncement is indicated (e.g. on travel). Who coddles zis pet, does not treat it properly. Overfed animals do suffer. Animals should not be victims of cruelties (for example, just because they are weaker). Keeping in aquariums and cages has prison character and is to be advised against.

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