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Environmental Protection and Genetic Engineering

[452] Environmental protection is more important ever. We are to deal with energy economically and afford the best techniques, if we can. We should act also regarding future generations. That means to nurture appropriate developments and to include into the education. Our bill of fare should include energy considerations. So the meat consumption is to be limited to the most necessary, if not to give up.

[453] Water is to be used economically and drinking water to be cleaned well. Things which pollute the environment are not or to be used economically. Public means of transport have priority before private. Materials should be used after possibility several times again. Smoking should be omitted, since it harms more than it benefits. Garbage should be reduced to the essential and if possible and if it pays off be recycled.

[454] Exhaust gases should be avoided and divided into environmentally friendly decay products. Environmentally unfriendly materials are to be disposed professionally, medicines to use consciously in order not to endanger their effectiveness (resistances). If a nutrition that is not based on the consumption of living organisms is possible, this is to be preferred with profitable production and to be favoured.

[455] The genetic engineering is to be used consciously. Presupposition is always a sufficient study of the converted genetic changes. In addition, suitable and ethically justifiable safety studies are to be accomplished. Genetic engineering is always to accomplish transparently not secretly. In addition, the protection of the state is necessary, which must repel criminal energies.

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