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Freedom of Opinion and Enlightenment

[456] Against burdening circumstances, we may demonstrate peacefully. Demonstrations should be in principle permitted. The state may require the registration of a demonstration, assign a suitable reasonable place and look for to prevent exertion of force. Inputs to the responsible offices are to be preferred to the deployments, if they are possible. Demonstrating people should not be exposed to unfavourable consequences.

[457] We should be allowed to express our opinion freely, if this happens with the necessary attention. This includes consideration for the addressees. We should always consider that emerging in the public media is not to be reversed and after brisance only after long time is usually forgotten. To stand in the public is connected not only with advantages, but also with disadvantages. We should remember this.

[458] We should develop an own opinion and be critical, also to us. That does not mean that we may not follow another opinion after checking. We should treat information discretely and not babble secrets. If we are not able to keep something private, we should point that out before. If we are criminally liable, we should consider that otherwise we can be exposed to punishments.

[198] One may not confound spiritual development with enlightenment. Enlightenment is the special state of the unification with L, from which one can and would like to free oneself from alone only with difficulty again. If oneness and allness are to the fore of this experience, I do not aim at this state, since this does not help mankind and prevents mine service at L. L was in my case against it.

[199] I can discuss much with L and ze lets me make my discoveries to a large extent by myself. Since these discoveries are to be transformed into language, the indescribable experience does not help me. I found so far still no spiritual result that could not be obtained also by thinking. On the contrary, many so called spiritual results are useless - identifiable by their writing.

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