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The Worlds II

[558] Time and the times of the day will have subordinated significance: One is no longer asleep, but rests, also for learning. The memory is almost limitless and can be outsourced. Distances do not matter. All beings are so well developed that dispute does not matter. All beings want to develop and then change into higher worlds. Our world is mainly for learning.

[559] There are guides between the different worlds that know how to get best from the one in the next higher world. It does not make sense to skip worlds in the hierarchy, since the worlds are built up consecutively. Knowledge, which is to attain first in the one world, is presupposed in the following. One does not become (more) happy by a skipping because one can overextend oneself fast.

[560] One can freely choose the moments in that one leaves a world. Karma always is to work off. There are helpers that are responsible for the re-entry into underwent worlds. Re-entries are attached to conditions. So for example, you must give up everything that is not realisable in the old world. On entering less complex worlds (new or other) must be more to be waived.

[561] The more complex the world become, the more complex is also the word of L. You can learn more and more about the holy. The creative vigours are also on the increase. Everything learned is usable, even if one forgets a lot. The divine instances befriend with the reproduction of the forgotten. It belongs to the rules of the game, that one lets the beings less developed have their own experiences and accelerates nothing too much.

[562] So no being is happy to get an very unexpected promotion. Help from above but will be gladly accepted and granted if the presuppositions are present. Most frequent is here aid to self-help themselves, help beyond that is to rework on ones own. Absolutely new can only be created by L alone, but relatively new by many beings. This is true in all the worlds. We, therefore, are not to cherish such illusions.

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