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Concentration, Attractiveness, Setbacks and Loneliness

[606] It is sometimes difficult to concentrate. Valuable is a reduction to the essentials in all fields where this is feasible: spiritually, materially, emotionally, physically, etc. It does not come down to quantity, but to quality: To have little is often more, assuming that you are not in want. With the right goal as filter, the desired and more with sufficient emptiness often arrives - even by itself.

[607] Who doubts of zis attractiveness has mostly not yet discovered the fields in that ze is even more than attractive or beautiful. Physical attractiveness is to produce, if necessary, by an operation, as long as one does not otherwise assume the desired shape. More importantly, however, is the attractiveness with respect to L: Measured with zis yardstick, which we can feel out, we all are sufficiently attractive.

[1258] It is admittedly true that beauty is one of the five divine characteristics, but that does not mean that we would have to produce divine beauty by change and interventions on ourselves. Who is disfigured should be allowed to claim a plastic surgery, since this defect is not wanted by L and is not to be acquiesced in by the person concerned. Disfigurement is equal to a disease and the costs are to be taken over.

[1259] Each creature should feel well like it is. If this state can be caused with proportionate means, there are no objections. Often, there are exorbitant ideas about the own state. Then, the environment has to correct them by calling attention to that what is normal and what is exorbitant. Exorbitant ideas can be corrected by the right view.

[1260] This is not always easy. If the person to be convinced is undiscerning, stubborn and obstinate, the best words and intentions effect little. Can the social environment concerning minors put its foot down, this is more difficult concerning adults. Each creature has the duty and the task to detect, to analyse, to rate and to bring undesirable developments in the world to an appropriate solution.

[1261] Nobody demands that one solves all the problems (of the world) by oneself. But L can expect that one watches zis environment carefully and draws zis conclusions within the scope of one's possibilities. One cumulates bad karma, if one does not. Our world is a social world in that one is responsible for the other, because L wants it this way. We have the freedom to represent L for zis relief in this world, as good as possible.

[608] Poverty, physical deficiency and effort ennoble concerning L. Even if we do not like to target them, so they bring in attenuated form highest fulfilment. To bring about something with all gifts is the smaller life-time achievement, handicapped the greater one with wishes remaining open. There are setbacks not for nothing: the trees are not to grow into the sky. Our setbacks are also those of L - with both causers.

[609] Setbacks caused by whom soever may not make us ungrateful, on the contrary: They show us like death our finite- and creatureness and the limits that we can exceed in subsequent lives. We can be thankful for so many things, especially when something occurs, less bad than feared. But also the simple things, the recurring, seeming matter of course may be considered.

[610] With L there is no loneliness: Who is up to give thought to how our environment or world can be improved, will always find something that ze can devote zerself. The personal response is yet almost irreplaceable and as long as machines cannot respond satisfactorily, it is the task of the people to see where it is needed. The volunteering can give much to both the employee and the cared-for person.

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