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The Future

[461] Virtuous acting requires also loving handling of the technology entrusted to us. In the future robots will increasingly support us beside computers, by taking on the daily routine for us. They serve us, cook, buy, cut us the hair, chauffeur and entertain us. Only the creative activities remain left to us. Robots must be well treated.

[462] In the future we need to cover very rarely greater distances, since we can get the world as holograms into our dwellings. Electronic pictures will be indistinguishable from us in the distance. We can be as such simultaneous at several places and do different things. It is important that the general affluence rises so much that everyone can share in this technology.

[463] This is the reason, why the poverty ideal is outdated. Who cannot share in the technical development, is cut off also from the future culture. Since distances do not play a role, learning of a unified world language is so important. This should be simple, but efficient and adapted to the future. Translations should belong to the past. That is not a loss of culture.

[464] The decrease of mobility demands, nevertheless, of us that we stay healthy physically, if that is possible for us. An endurance training should be attended by gymnastic exercises. With music we can bring ourselves into the appropriate mood, not only with the sport. We will not get around mental fitness, since it is basis of our work. Frequenting people often provides the psychic well-being.

[465] It is probable that we will succeed in the meaningful combination of technology and brain, so that we will practise even real parallel processing in the brain and have an extended awareness. Should be surgical operations necessary for this, ethical problems develop. Who refuses the operation is cut off from the opening possibilities and possibly second-class person.

[556] More likely is the creation of compacta that are not dependent on the human body, but link specifically the accessible and useful substances and entities. The beings of the future will no longer have a human body, not eat, not feel cold, not sweat and not excrete. We will live together with all other creatures of our world, including the dead.

[466] In still further future the human modelling will be possible, with which we can specify specifically our appearance and our features. Then also the non-sexual reproduction is possible and the immortality in principle is achieved. The ethical problem of the feasibility in relation to the desirable things is then virulent. Furthermore the problem exists concerning the control of the activities of the human creatures.

[467] For this suitable laws are to be established, which prevent criminal energies, but ensure liberty to a meaningful extent. Controls and obligations to report will belong to the everyday life. Soldiers may be dispensable and/or replaced by robots, but police will be further necessary. High-specialised central hospitals will care for the creatures. Hunger will be finally defeated.

[468] Since it is possible in principle, to create more dimensions than exist so far, this will also be a task of the future. Life on planets per se hostile to life becomes possible. The metabolism will be independent of the consumption of organisms. L will however make possible for the creatures, which live now, an equivalent or better eternal life in further worlds, until the equivalent unification with L is achieved.

[557] It is communicated by multidimensional packages and by references. It is travelled by establishing references. Material technology becomes superfluous. The Earth can be shifted to the greatest extend into a natural state (without visible products of man). Severe pangs are a thing of the past. Diseases are widely unknown. It can only be realised what L permits.

[1779] Parallelism of awareness and free exchange of all released information will determine what happens. The demands of the future will require a targeted design of the creatures, since they will leave their natural fecundity to enable their successors the best start into life. The creatures will optimise with L till such time as they decide their own death.

[1780] For the present time applies that every creature is to protect from its conception as an act of divine grace, unless the natural laws created by L allow it to live on. A supernumerary embryo is only then no longer worth of protection, if central problems of mankind evidentially cannot be solved otherwise than by the removal of this protection. Strict legal criteria have to apply for the proof.

[1781] (Time-displaced) cloning is confronted with the problem to have to solve new problems with old presuppositions. Every creature is to be an individual one of its time, since it was created for it and has the right presuppositions. Therefore, (time-displaced) cloning is to be rejected altogether. Since every creature has according to its karma the claim to the relatively best presuppositions, these are to grant to it when it emerges.

[1782] The creatures will leave their natural fecundity to enable their successors the best start into life. The creatures will optimise with L till such time as they decide their own death. The demands of the future will require a targeted and prudential design of the creatures. The two sexes will be combined into a single one to have the advantages of both.

[1783] The creatures will let emerge new capable forms of life can arise, which are optimally attuned to the then prevailing living conditions. This is not playing L, but a requirement wanted by L on the path to zer. They will no longer go through the stages of life from birth to death, but are grown up from emergence and fully operational until their voluntary retirement from this world.

[1784] The population density of the creatures will be appropriate to their radius of action and there will be a merging into ever larger forms of life at the expense of smaller ones, since they will demand their right to participation (also with L). All forms of life will be internetworked and will exchange themselves at a high level in many respects. Would we live in these times, we would be hopelessly overwhelmed.

[545] Only a few make money out of wars, the majority must suffer. If the right balance of forces prevails, it is no longer in need of the military. We have anytime soon not to protect against aliens, because when they come to us, they also have the possibility to exterminate us, no matter how we think we can defend. Even aliens are subject to the word of L. That we should remember.

[563] We can assume that aliens can communicate with us without major difficulties and this also happened. They should be treated courteously, especially if they are head and shoulders above us. They will treat us courteously on their part, especially when they see how hard life is partly on earth. We cannot expect them to understand everything immediately.

[564] So parts which occur on earth may very disgust them. We should not become set on that water is essential for the existence of extraterrestrial life. Reference theoretically the most inhospitable areas are suitable for life. Concerning this, however, is to proceed from an expanded concept of life out that does not make reproduction a condition. There are energies to imagine that are completely different than those known to us.

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