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World Problems

[1374] L expects from us that we do not content ourselves with the statement "I am rather better than worse" if we have more than enough, but that we submit what we can spare. If we set the priorities right, we have enough time to tackle the problems of the world. Even if nothing does coerce us, L can expect from us that we spot leverages and apply the levers effectively.

[1375] Even if we have not caused the state of the world, we are within our means responsible for the world. Even if the mistakes of the generations before us were big, it does not relieve us of our duty to mitigate their consequences and to improve the world situation. The world potential is large enough that the problems of our world can be solved, not immediately, but every day a little bit more.

[1376] If we help appropriately our help benefits more than it does harm. We must just carefully consider what we do and consult properly, if we do not find the way ourselves. We have the right idea, if we consider that we, compensated world circumstances assumed, could easily get along with one fifth of our assets and that then all humans would live on the same level.

[1377] Progress and growing prosperity make it possible that every person could live at a satisfactory level. The immovable relationship and the lack of willingness and insight to want to change them determine the state of our world, not the missing opportunity to be able to change something. The rich do not want and the poor cannot. So the persons in the middle are demanded to fire the starting shot.

[1378] The strongest leverage to move something is to spread the insight that everybody benefits more from changing something than letting anything unaffected. Therefore it is most helpful to be confronted with the various alternatives. Man is then happiest when ze serves L best possibly, since ze then has all the means and possibilities to play optimally a part in human society. Proof is me myself.

[1379] The less one serves, the more one is confronted with the adversities of life: poverty, disease, sorrow, misery, missing features etc. What applies in this world continues in each subsequent world. The only possibility to escape this coercive consequence is to change oneself and to begin to serve L as demanded. Even if one is still not positive about this, it is always worth simply once to try it.

[1380] There is no plausible reason that is opposed to this. L undertakes for this in the divine order, that it is so. There is no plausible reason that L wants the world so as it is now. Its state is due to the misused freedom of the creatures that live in it. Even if one ignores L, one will find one's happiness only in the service for society, which takes then the place of L. Every study should come to this result.

[1381] Who behaves appropriately, is under the personal protection of L, since ze is more urgently needed for this society than anywhere else. If one has decided to serve it or better L, one needs a plan for the appropriate approach. This can be drawn up best by several persons. So one should look for fellow campaigners and get them enthusiastic about one's ideas. The word of L provides important defaults and suggestions for this.

[1382] In principle, voluntariness should take precedence over coercion. If, however, one realises that the former is insufficient, one should not shrink from coercion. But the comparativeness of means must always be preserved. What everybody can influence for zerself is specifically to control zis consumption. Anything that conflicts with the personal goals is no longer consumed, anything that serves them admittedly is.

[1383] By changing the way of life towards L one gains time to make plans purposefully, since one has disabled the disturbing factors to the greatest extent. One acquires next the knowledge to be able to pursue zis goals clean after one has defined, prioritised and differentiated them in subgoals. One starts to get a good overview of the problem, where one minds the quality of the sources.

[1384] The strengths and inclinations of the fellow campaigners determine who takes when how which problem on board. If a targeted cooperation is indicated one should consider whether one founds one or more projects. One should come clean with zis immediate environment in order to devote oneself wholeheartedly one's goals. Therefore the necessary conversations are to be carried on and the resulting consequences to be borne.

[1385] Prayer and meditation support the whole process. It applies to hedge one's bets in an appropriate manner in order not to miss crucial developments. One does not need to do the work of somebody else again, if this was good. Although competition furthers the result, it is more important to achieve in view of the extent of the problem good solutions at all in all crucial fields.

[1386] The internet offers for this manifold opportunities to network oneself appropriately and to inform oneself comprehensively. One, however, should check every solution on zis field extensively; the more depends on it, the more intense. One should not be afraid to call it into question and to seek better alternatives, if the time permits that. A sophisticated timetable helps to come to presentable results in a reasonable time.

[1387] Everything that applies for successful project should be taken into account. The results of successful projects are suitably to convey to the decision makers and the public. For this purpose, suitable actions are to be taken in a reasonable budget. Since the project's goals have been prioritised, nothing significant might be in the way of the implementation of subsequent projects and the overall goal will be achieved someday.

[1388] The ultimate societal goal is to increase the quality of life for as many as possible through development. For this purpose, an appropriate economic model is to develop that gives policy more creative leeway. The research is to align more goal-oriented and the work to reward more fairly. For this purpose, evaluation standards are to specify that orient themselves by the importance of both for society.

[1389] The economic model is so to design that the producers receive a fair price for their products, but the main products remain affordable. The profits should be based on the actual expenditures, where the states impinge specifically on a fair price. The necessary transfer benefits are suitably to control and to attach to adequate conditions of democracy.

[1390] The prevailing competition and market rules are to be challenged and, as the case may be, to be replaced equitably by politically-controlled ones. Policy has to take first action towards world government by creating ever-growing political alliances that operate globally successfully and controlledly. These must have power to impose sanctions against actors who do not keep reached agreements, or even pervert them.

[1391] If laws or rules of the game are contravened without agreement that are (worldwidely) approved, this also must be able to be sanctioned after unsuccessful reminders. Unwarrantable nuisances must be worldwidely publicly denounced and remedied. For this purpose, the available numbers are to spread media-effectively and initiatives to start that take pains over a solution after priorities. States should support these initiatives.

[1392] The solution potential existing in the population is to activate through appropriate incentives. Moderated boards on the internet can provide information about most diverse topics, which may be helpful to solve the most important problems. If attention is paid to quality by creating advanced quality circles and aiming at a certification, humans can here swap ideas at a high level.

[1393] For this purpose, the desirable or required qualifications are to put out for tender or requirements specifications to define. Since interests of the companies are not violated, but high goals are aimed at, an unconstrained and fulfilling work should be possible. At these levels can be worked more efficiently than if lone fighters try their hands at the problems (except geniuses). Internet links to the groups help here.

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