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Service for L

[1354] Everybody has the opportunity to turn to L and to experience the highest felicity. Zis commandment is a gift to us and no annoying duty. In addition to the intelligence that we possess by birth, there is an intelligence that we can develop. For this reason we can be far more intelligent than originally, and become even really wise. Traditional tests do not measure this form of intelligence. To be intelligent means to solve difficult problems.

[1355] Who is intelligent, is able to cope with life and serves L in the first place. By doing this, ze also serves all other creatures and the whole world. Who serves L most, has least to suffer. But ze should carefully consider what L desires. This means to be very severe with oneself and to reflect comprehensively. Who makes it easy for zerself risks to miss the intrinsic goal and to bring about nothing.

[1356] In L culminates highest rationality, without neglecting other characteristics that determine zis decisions. Our world is the result of a very carefully conceived optimisation process in which out of the infinity all the variables are very finely co-ordinated. If we do not bent on the certain, we can find in the useful and plausible solutions of L.

[1357] The biggest satisfaction we find in the long term by developing towards L, i.e., in continuous growth and maturing. No temporary point of culmination can give us something permanently. High and low points must alternate, so that we are happy. An unchecked upward spiral makes us greedy and dissatisfied, since the increases must turnout higher and higher in order to really satisfy us.

[1358] It is no pretension if I maintain to annunciate the word of L, because even if it should be not right, I can be compared with what is written. I do not know any scripture that can cope with it in relevance and depth. The most important after the service for L is to improve the living conditions of as many creatures in the world and they themselves. Global and Individual are compatible.

[1359] The global determines the basic conditions of the individual, but if the individual does not change, the global has no chance. All individual should get rid of the ballast, the global imprints it. By gaining time, each creature that is able to do so can bethink of what is really important. It's worth to leave the easy way and to aim at higher goals, at best L zerself.

[1360] If we set ourselves truly worthwhile goals, we reward others and ourselves. There is no greater felicity than to achieve those goals, each measured at this time. L then has not the slightest reason to refuse zis help, but will do zis utmost that our projects succeed. We should thus not resign before these great tasks, everybody is able to make an allowance, depending on the starting situation.

[1361] In view of the world situation, to refuse the service means those to live at the expense of those who are far worse off. On makes it too easy for oneself, if one assumes that they have to attribute their fate to themselves. We are it who have to take over our part of the responsibility for them. They will it be who have to determine about us on behalf of L to what extent we did justice to them.

[1362] We cannot claim to have been not sufficiently informed, since the news go today from around the world to all over the world. We also cannot claim to be only able to do nothing, since L enables everybody to be able to do something, whom ze deems valuable for that, be zis contribution also still so low. Even if we could only convey to others what matters, we have contributed something good.

[1363] It is certainly in the short term easier to enjoy life to the fullest one if this is granted oneself. But it is a stale enjoyment pressing the conscience. One is not really happy and afraid of the time in which is deemed on one. One takes without to give. Man is as social being only then happy when it is also zis environment. Ostrich must sometime with its head again out of the earth, and then?

[1364] It is demanded from nobody to exceed zis possibilities. But from everybody is demanded a minimum and too many are not even willing to give this. As they might also twist and turn: they do not come around to their commitment, since life demands of everybody its tribute. Many diseases emerge that way. One does not need long to puzzle over how diseases emerge, if one considers what is fair.

[1366] If one claims only little from oneself, others and oneself cannot experience all the beauty of life and achieve the highest felicity. One takes each day as it comes and passes one’s time at the expense of others. Who endeavours in the proper manner is always rewarded for zis effort. Why should L then take a decision against one? One lives in accordance with L and the divine order and that means even with oneself.

[1367] Who got rid of all ballast has a lot of time for L, others and zerself, and can spend time on things that please L, others and zer. It apply essentially for zer only still the obligations in accordance with L, since L accommodates zer, and puts zer at the place that befits zer best. L shows us with zis word the right way, but we need to go it ourselves, without ifs and buts.

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