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[1396] To everybody the alternatives of zis future life are sufficiently clearly to be pointed up so that ze understands it and can give thoughts to it. Every member of society has deserved so much attention and care that ze knows what all ze can make of zis life and what the steps of the implementation are like. The schools have much more than today to prepare for this school of life.

[1397] It is far less important to appropriate the cognitions of the scientific disciplines than to master the strategies of a successful life. The lack of education in this field brings about that we are increasingly surrounded by humans unable to cope with life who react more than act, who are rather the puppets of the circumstances than fellow humans, acting responsibly, with a healthy self-conception.

[1398] Concerning this, the true values are to impart and to find answers to the main questions life asks. These answers can be given on all levels of difficulty, as long as the most important exceeds never our possibilities. This is for that reason not the case, since the main problems crop up at the many and not at the extremes. One is to concentrate thus on the many.

[1399] Without proper training, most humans will not be able to orient their lives best. Therefore, the subject (personal) development is so important. It is just unfortunately not the case that parents and the greater part of the remaining environment can take over the lessons without further ado, since they usually have neither the corresponding knowledge nor can acquire it in a reasonable time.

[1400] Even theologians and philosophers need a further training and have to work interdisciplinarily, since life comprehends all fields of human judging and acting. Now one might argue that the goals of most people are relatively simple. But it requires strenuous efforts to acquaint everybody with the demands of the future. The future is complex and hence requires complex solutions.

[1401] The times in that one only satisfies zis basic needs, and possibly has a job in that one achieves what one is demanded of, will be over faster than some would like. In order to master the future, one will have to meet all the requirements that L and the world make on one. Development and progress will arrange it so that they become greater and greater, so that the course now is to be set right.

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