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Qualifications I

[1402] The reason for this assessment lies in the advantages that those will have who meet these requirements, compared to those who do not. Alone the former will be able to determine the fate of human society. The introduction of qualification in most fields of human life will still reinforce this effect. This development can hardly be stopped effectively.

[1403] In order to be able to solve the existing and future problems at all, it is absolutely necessary. For, the strong will win out over the weak with their solutions. If this would not succeed, they would also be not strong. The weak will not be able to set much against the strong, since the strong hold all key positions filled. Since society is open, all serious mistakes will be cut out.

[1404] If the strong try to misuse their strength, they do not reckon with L. Due to the preponderance of the good in man, the strong then work against nature and will become weak. For, the continued qualification will mercilessly sort them out. Manipulation of the qualification standards can almost be precluded, since the good simply will not allow them with their majority.

[1405] The weak have against the strong the pressure of the mass. They may position their preferences at the forward positions, since the prioritisation follows rather the number than the qualification. Since the majority prevails according to L, also weak have a strong position. The conflicts of interest are to solve through appropriate compromises that are worked out in fair workgroups appropriate to proportions and passed to the voting.

[1406] Since the qualifications are graded fairly, it can not happen that a group can have a bigger influence than it deserves. Since the qualifications find their way into all major fields of life, manipulations are difficult. Development and progress will bring with them that one will be no longer willing to expose oneself to simple propaganda and other primitive forms of influence without further ado.

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