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May 2009 (About Justice)


[1441] First the existence of L and of the divine order makes the universe just, as one can read from our world. All creatures with justice concept have together with L the ability to create a very just world. They have, however, preferred to stay way below that. This was especially because of egoism and false goals. [1442] The most important (L) was not (properly) recognised or misjudged, although the evidence for it is overwhelming, if one probes into the givens of our world. The word of L and the religion of love show clearly and unambiguously the way to L and to the world that ze wishes from us. Everybody only wins and finds the hoped-for fulfilment, if ze conforms to this way. If ze does not do or does ze do the opposite, ze does harm to others and zerself. [1443] This is subject of the divine order and thus a commandment of prudence. The service for L and the refinement of oneself make this world a paradise on earth. For, every appropriate effort rewards itself, since L has no reason to withhold something just from us. L views us, however, from the beginning of our existence and across all past subsequent worlds. Ze considers our karma and our whole personality. [1444] If we judge ourselves as just as possible and also refer to what we only (can) divine, then we receive, together with the prayer, a clear image about ourselves and our future pathway. If this orients itself by the word of L, we make the world bit by bit more just. The more proceed in the same way, the earlier the world reaches the state that L wishes and that is the best for all. [1445] One can hardly reproach L that ze did not let annunciate zis word earlier, since time was not yet ripe for that. Many crucial ideas would have been rated as widely incomprehensible and presuppose an advanced development, which was not yet given a few decades ago. First the internet makes a quick access to the existing knowledge and its widely spread propagation possible. The undesirable developments in the world need, however, a not too late correction. [1446] From L every world is just. Ze is not responsible for the injustice of the creatures, since they judge and act autonomously. Ze can only make the targets, by which they can orient themselves. Zis intervention in a world remains bound to zis word. Zis perpetual presence and availability would jeopardise, because of zis unsurpassed superiority the autonomy of the creatures and thus a good life.

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