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June 2009 (About Undesirable Developments)


[1447] The most undesirable development is aiming at the wrong goals. These are the true causes of all suffering. To aim at the right goals, they must be known. Everyone has the fundamental right to get to know them. Since the word of L must be accessible to every person, this can learn the right goals from it. Too many people are not ready to aim at the right goals, since they rather get the "necessities" of everyday life done than to worry about goals at all. [1448] Have they done the former, they try to get better. In so doing, months and years can pass, and before they know where they are, their lives are over. To these people is to say that they miss much, if not the most important thing in life. They do so also at the expense of others. Their weakness arranges it so that the lives of many are not worth living: The living entities that must struggle for their existence, if they ever can and may. [1449] Those who are given a chance, the personal contact often makes life difficult. Even those who should be able to judge life, too often are not successful to draw the right conclusions from it. Atheism, nihilism, agnosticism, nondualism, amoralism, solipsism are just some examples of such theoretical gaffes. [1450] The "highest cognitions" are awarded the trans-rational that is, with good reason, only accessible to a stray minority, since their quality is limited to the undifferentiated experience of the extreme. None of these cognitions furthered humanity crucially so far and is not to expect from L that transrationality will play in the foreseeable future a significant role. [1451] All beginnings of desirable developments are easily accessible to everybody. All efforts beyond that are worthwhile and are easy, if they go in the right direction. Nobody needs to achieve what is unreasonable for zer. But it is reasonable for everybody that ze gets over zis egoism, develops and helps to improve the living conditions in this world - both on the large and small scale. [1452] Everybody is invited to contribute after zis possibilities. This invitation is a gift of L, since it gives life a meaning and fulfils it. Man is created for the service to L. There is in the long run no experience that offers a deeper fulfilment. For, it demands man completely, increasingly, but humanely, while single peak experiences can at best repeat themselves and limit to partial aspects.

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