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July 2009 (About the Beautiful)


[1453] The beautiful is a relative term development-dependent substance term, which orients itself by aesthetical ideals, not uniquely determined, and has positive connotations. It always includes the less beautiful, because it becomes otherwise kitsch or trivial. As a divine characteristic, it is worth aspiring to; its lack argues L-distance. It is not essential and there are good reasons to forego it in favour of other characteristics. [1454] Beauty in only few respects is not echt, since the contained contradictions may act repellent, if one takes notice of them. In this case, it is superficial and mostly leads to a pejorative assessment. It may be more than compensated by higher-value characteristics and is therefore only one factor among many others. Since it can be applied in a wider sense like the good to any (operative) factor, it remains central. [1455] Since there are most different ideals, but these have not to be known, the beautiful is only relatively or subjectively good, not objectively or absolutely. Thus, more persons enjoy beauty, which points to the wisdom of L. The opposite of beauty, the ugly, can, depending on the scope, represent a substantial lack, which justifies a right to removal so far as it is possible and appropriate. [1456] Extreme claims are to reduce to an acceptable level, by spelling out the relative importance of beauty. Fetishists are to convey the true values, despisers the specific value of beauty. This is its importance for the fulfilment. Who has not a beautiful life, whose karma may fulfil, but ze finds no fulfilment, since the effects on oneself is too neutral or negative. [1457] One can constrain beauty to a certain extent, but the price for this must not be too high. The greatest chance to be able to lead a beautiful life is to win L over. The refinement of oneself and the service to L let one recognise what is really beautiful. Anyone who wears out only on necessities, without letting the beautiful in zis life, is missing something crucial and becomes dissatisfied. [1458] The beautiful and the ugly are rare and specific, since they become, en masse, normality. This therefore also applies for the fulfilment, which everybody reaches at the end of the way, but not on any stretch of way. It is on the way therefore better to aspire to satisfaction, since this is more easily attainable. For, if we were by and large satisfied in life, we can still say to have had a beautiful life. This is the paradox of the beautiful out of mediocrity.

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