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Question 4

[1495] Question 4: "What role plays the emotional cognition when man tries to converge to the 'other reality'? Are piety in nature, visual arts and literature of relevance also for a religious understanding of the world?"

[1496] Answer: Bodily states and feelings play in relation to the mental for the cognition only a very small, albeit important, role, since they can essentially support the mental processes and cognitions. L and the most cognition are predominantly mental. Therefore, we can confidently leave our body in this world after our death. [1497] This does not mean that bodily and emotional experience does not matter in the subsequent worlds anymore, but that they are merged in a higher and more developed complexity, if we do not return in this or a comparable world. The intrinsic religious experience takes place in the mental processes. To stay in nature can have a supportive effect, since it can be, like visual arts and literature, aesthetically very pleasing and very instructive in its way. [1498] All can pre-eminently transport moods and decisively contribute to our well-being. The more they speak and reach complexity in common with depth, the closer they are to religion, in which indeed the highest cognitions can be found again, whereas science offers the widest cognitions. Since they yet do not do this preponderantly, they have for a religious understanding of the world only subordinated relevance. [1499] The question is extended by the posing of the question what is closest to religion. While L and the divine order are with the word of L central content of the religion, it is man who is closest to it in all its references. The religion of love is ultimately a religion for man, which tries to do justice to zer in every department by providing all the cognition that enables zer to lead a fulfilling and happy life in the service for L. [1500] Although man can completely ignore L and the religion of love by birth until zis death, and nonetheless try to lead a relatively happy and fulfilling life, but ze has then not really understood and experienced what matters (most of all) in life and what highest happiness and deepest fulfilment are. Although one can take a back seat or choose deliberately the middle between the extremes, but under a plain too little too many others have too much to smart. [1501] In this day and age even far too many have to die under it, so that one is severely guilty of it and cumulates a lot of bad karma, if one does nothing about it, although one could do. The service for L comprises the entire creation accessible to one. L does justice to every entity. So we should also orient ourselves by it. This requires effort and achievement. Thus, false modesty and mediocrity are clearly the wrong choice. [1502] If we behave appropriately, we also have success. Then the world will be livable for all creatures live and with sufficient joint effort all creatures find their happiness and their fulfilment: the world is then so as L wants it to be. From this we are unfortunately a far cry. But we have it in our hands to change it.

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