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Question 8

[1523] Question 8: "Is that what is called the 'soul' of man an essentiality, separated or separable from the body, or is everything mental just an expression and function of material and physiological processes?"

[1524] Answer: The soul is the unity of the immaterial processes of a living entity. These processes consist of changes of references to substances in time. References can be built up both to material substances as to immaterial ones. Material and immaterial substances bind themselves by references to a third substance, the amfon, in order to be able to interact. [1525] By these, body and soul are interconnected, through them, they are separated from each other. The immaterial substances far outweigh the material ones and need neither the binding to these, nor to the amfon in order to exist. To affect each other, they can use the amfon. For this purpose, however, also other substances can serve. Material and physiological processes are spatiotemporal changes of material substances. [1526] Because these substances are connected with the immaterial ones by the amfon, they can influence the mind. Since the immaterial substances can, for their part, influence via the amfon the material ones and causality is an immaterial substance, the mind cannot be exclusively an expression and function of material and physiological processes. [1527] All immaterial processes of man which have been initiated by zer, however, have a material basis. Only the processes that have been initiated by higher beings (L, divine substances, angels, spirit guides and so forth) do not require it. The question is extended by the posing of the question how man should deal with the controllability of all immaterial processes by material ones. [1528] Any far-reaching doing of man demands a moral judgement of zer. Who cannot (properly) judge morally is severely punished and represents depending on markedness a danger needing treatment. With increasing development, the vast majority of humans is able to make the vast majority of their moral decisions properly. [1529] So man will know to deal properly with the controllability of all immaterial processes by material ones in the vast majority of cases and then will do this also. Although one can cause great damage here, the utility of this option outweighs the damage by far. Many (mental) diseases can be cured effectively this way and the quality of life increases enormously, since immaterial content can be exchanged and absorbed on a large scale easily with any content-storing entities. [1530] The safety measures to be taken and the responsibility for every participant, however, are high, since the damage to be caused can be great due to the momentousness. Without an exact exploration of the possibilities and their limitation, the use is irresponsible, but it is a notable step towards unification with L.

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