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Question 15

[1590] Question 15: "If there is the religion solely possessing the truth: why do not all humans perceive this, once they are acquainted with it?"

[1591] Answer: Since truth is only certain for L, many humans regard different statements as true. Truth is not an exclusive criterion to be biased towards a religion. In many cases the environment in that one is located is more decisive for the choice of a religion. In addition, many true statements can be uncomfortable, and one therefore could be prone to prefer a more comfortable religion. [1592] There are many reasons to decide in favour of a religion. Every religion can be shown in a suitable manner as true, especially if it corrects its mistakes. The question is extended by the posing of the question what a religion makes interesting. A religion is every time interesting if one benefits more of it than without it. This needs to apply less for oneself than for others. [1593] In the relationship with L, one can speak about and clarify all zis problems and that of others. What is better than to have none and to enjoy life? In the religion of love one can participate in a strong community in that one accounts for the other one when this needs zis help. Everybody develops on and on towards L. Although there are, of course, also regresses, the progresses prevail here. Loneliness and forlornness are a foreign word with L. [1594] Admittedly, the relationship with L requires refinement of oneself and steady effort. Both are, however, more than redeemed. Anything that enriches a person really can be experienced in the relationship with L. But one gets also better along with zis environment, since others also benefit from one. The relationship with L offers at the bottom line almost only advantages. One feels as enrichment in zis world. One is told praise and appreciation by L and others and can consider oneself happy.

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