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Question 20

[1627] Question 20: "Is it conceivable that it comes not only to a conversation and a confrontation, but also to a rapprochement and fusion of religions, or will the confrontation end with the victory of one and with the disappearance of all other religions? To what development does the current situation point?"

[1628] Answer: No religion can presume, in the long run, not to move with the times. Hence, there will have to be in all religions a development that also meets higher aspirations. This also means to have to part with the obsolete to open to the better. But since this is not necessarily uniquely determined, there will be at most a unity in multiplicity. [1629] But one will view this rather as one than as several religions, since they will coincide in the main issues. Science and religion will form a much stronger unity than today, so that mutual hostilities become irrelevant. It will ultimately be impossible to buck that what L wants and that is that the religion of love becomes the only religion. [1630] Its enunciator has the power and the ability to make plain to everybody who is in doubt about it why the religion of love is superior to all the religions of the world, down to the present day. This does not yet mean that these religions have to disappear as quickly as possible, but that L will point up through the enunciator how they will be merged in the religion of love. [1631] The question is extended by the posing of the question what the first steps in the merging of all religions in the religion of love will be. The religion of love will admit everybody who wants to confess to it until ze dies or leaves it for other reasons. It lures nobody away from another religion, since it wants the confession on one's own will to it, and advertises only through the propagation of its contents and sparingly by the symbol L, since the relationship with L is immaterial and is to remain unique. [1632] The more popular it is, the stronger the relevance of other religions will decrease. Though these may aim for it, but they would lose their original and essential character if they would try to draw level with it. The religion of love will intensely administer to everyone newly confessing to it to make the change from one religion to another easier. [1633] Conversely, it will not hamper anybody who takes the converse way. Its success will bring along that other religions play, in the long run, only a minor role. It will always put out a hand, but never raise it. L will ensure that it never falls apart. But there will be trends and directions in it that will provide the unity in diversity. It will know to stand up to all hostilities, since it is under the protection of L. [1634] As it is developed, this applies also for its conflicts: cabal, intrigue, feud and so on are far from it. Its reasoning is rational, conclusive and appropriate. Other religions have nothing to fear from it. With religions emerging after it, it will dispute fairly and integrate every applicable idea of them. It will make sure to have to fear no serious competition, by relying on L and zis forward-looking and ingenious ideas.

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