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Question 28

[1705] Question 28: "How the fact can be justified in a secularised state, which has waived to identify with a church or a certain religious group, that single religious communities claim to let the faith instruction take place in public schools?"

[1706] Answer: Religious education belongs essentially to life, if one wants to find his fulfilment and its meaning. Where and by whom it is ultimately conveyed, is less crucial than that. It is also not excluded that the states and communities identify with a religion that takes up a dominant position - particularly if all other religions play a negligible role. [1707] This religion is then fully entitled to fill a decisive educational role, if the vast majority of a population confesses to it. Minorities are to consider according to their strength into account, to participate in religious education must be able to be denied, albeit a surrogate education may be obligatory. It is the turn of the religions to justify their claim, by deferring with their successes and achievements for society and for the world to their undeniable entitlement. [1708] The question is extended by the posing of the question with what socially relevant successes and achievements the religion can come up. By defining the service to L as the meaning of life, it achieves that its adherents are increasingly engaged within society to do also the service. Thus, they serve as an exemplary model, which stimulates emulation. [1709] It provides through active support that is deepened in the relationships with L, that the most important problems of society are tackled and solved, or states the solutions and engages in their implementation. It provides through the development and announcement of the divine order a worldview revealed by and comprehensive, which offers the basis for all judging and acting of the living entities and pools the cognitions and ideas of the world according to their importance for their population. [1710] It enriches science and furthers significantly the scientific process by their cognitions and the pointing up of priorities. It provides important societal institutions, in which their adherents and outsiders are engaged, live together or are cared for. It makes an excellent job in the field of pastoral care with the best methods. Its successes are in its outstanding achievements on the mentioned fields.

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