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September 2009 (About the First)


[1743] Three years after the founding of the religion of love, L and I agreed that it is time, so difficult this decision was for me because of its scope, to take on the task destined to me according to our ideas by strengthened public ministry, since we do not know anyone in the world who could (better) take it over. Sending other people ahead with alien ideas does not do justice to them, how good the latter may be. [1744] Therefore, it is my task to vouch for these ideas, to assume the responsibility resulting from them and to espouse their implementation. In a first step, I will publish them that way in ascending importance, that they become known to a wider public and especially to the professionals in an understandable form, since publishing on the internet as before kept clear of the intense critical dealing with them. [1745] Although I will not be able to please everybody, but first dealing with the public will bring to all of us what L and I expect from our ideas, since singular ministry cannot be as successful as joint one - especially in the implementation. To be able to cope with the increasing demands, I rely on outside help, for which I will ask at the appropriate time. [1746] From the day of my public ministry, the functional name "the First", L bestowed upon me, without mentioning my name, is due to me, which mirrors my position among humans in the service for L, as L views it. The waiver of titles remains. The address shall comply with the German "Herr Haase". I will, with exceptions, principally speak German, since I can express myself adequately only in this language. [1747] Entitled concerns of the First are principally to be complied with in the demanded form. If this does not happen, such behaviour entails the punishment by L. Since L wants to trench on the freedom of man only up to a certain degree, the First is sufficiently to protect from offences on his person and his immediate environment. The extent of this protection is due to the needs at the given time. [1748] The costs for this protection are to be borne according to a just procedure by the First himself, the adherents of the religion of love and the public. Further details are to be determined in due course. The First can expect of all humans, with which he comes into contact, to be treated appropriately according to his position. In return, he will try to behave with respect to others in an exemplary manner.

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