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[1823] The brain contains an n-dimensional immaterial reference system widely independent of it, since it can handle only this way the search processes in the measured velocities and meet the failure of regions without serious consequences. Consciousness and subconsciousness are part of this reference system and cannot be surgically removed, since this is a security mechanism of nature.

[1824] The brain reduces the information to the most important and saves them (hierarchically) into a reference system in an n-dimensional network. Each node is related to the nodes to which there is a relevant context. In this way, the brain can quickly search and associate to find solutions to problems. The centre of the network is as big as our consciousness the gate for the subconsciousness.

[1825] The reference system maintains many connections mediated via the amfon to the brain regions specialised for specific tasks. If these fall partially out, the reference system tries to realise its tasks via other brain regions, if this is possible. If not, disorders or even death sets in. The reference system is immortal and survives death. With it, we come before L to let zer decide on our life.

[1826] In the brain, material connections are established to realise a better working of the interaction with the reference system. This is necessary since every creature ages and specialises itself. Certain material substances are able to influence the brain in its mode of action, but the reference system hardly. Diseases, based on the reference system, therefore, cannot or only minimally be materially cured.

[1827] The subconsciousness operates autonomously from the consciousness according to the divine order and sends this the contents that are to come to mind. They are combined with those of the perception and make up the experience. No creature can enjoin on the subconsciousness how it has to work, but L and the divine instances can. They do so in the deterministic circle according to the divine order.

[1828] Consciousness and subconsciousness can be influenced by different procedures. But his should be done always responsibly, since their healthy functioning is essential for a happy and fulfilled life. Both are ideally furthered and demanded by a relationship with L, since in it all acting forces are brought in harmony and therefore a high level of health and wellbeing is achieved.

[1829] The extra dimensions that are necessary for consciousness and subconsciousness take up only little space. Only when we succeed to influence the amfon directly, these dimensions are immediately accessible. Therefore, a combination of thought contents is not possible with conventional computers alone via electronic ways. Also from the brainwaves themselves the relevant information cannot be deduced.

[1830] The information contained in the thoughts, however, occupy space. The brain constructs from the basic information complete information after rules that are stored in the reference system. In this way, a lossless high storage density can be achieved, which is affected only by forgetting. This is necessary for an adequately small access time on the existing information.

[1831] The substantial diversity of information makes an immaterial reference system also necessary. This is in addition more efficient than if the information is correspondingly coded and every time decoded again as in the computer, since information can be compared and separated more quickly. Thus, we can fast clarify the question what a certain number means to us in contrast to the computer.

[1832] The reference system is not redundantly designed. But since substances cannot be lost and the material access is limited, this does not represent a substantial limitation. Nevertheless, material substances and defects can influence the brain so strongly that diseases emerge. However, there is no disease that is not compatible with the karma of a creature, so that the latter can influence this.

[1833] Information is found several times if and only if this allows a simplification and acceleration. The brain encodes only onto few substances, since the reproduction of sensory experiences, moods, feelings, states of consciousness, thoughts, etc. Gets along with few ones, the rest can be generated and so the transport volume remains small. The coding is basically the same with personal deviations.

[1834] The deviations of two brains, concerning their content and the reference system, can be quantitatively and qualitatively considerable. The more content will be noticed, the more important becomes the forgetting and the ability to abstract and to generalise in order to single out content efficiently and effectively. A high capability requires most widely health in all relevant fields.

[1835] This health is best achieved by the relationship with L and refinement of oneself. In this way one becomes highly able to cope with a heavy workload and free for new things. One views the world as it is, knows how it shall be and what one can contribute to this. If one is able to readout foreign brain content, one should remember that it must be released by the person concerned, since otherwise zis private sphere is violated.

[1836] The private sphere may without the release principally only be completely inspected by L and the divine instances, since they must have the ability to avert any serious danger that results from private endeavours. But they behave as discreetly as possible, since they respect the private sphere. Anyone who readouts this unrestrictedly can do much harm, since information can vest a lot of power.

[1837] Who has nothing to conceal, has nothing decisive to fear from a release. Who is superior, will let share as many as possible in zis value. Who violates the private sphere, despite a missing release, will be punished by L according to the consequences of that violation. An accused person that refuses the release is to assess after the available evidence, since ze must not be coerced to release.

[1838] The higher an living entity is developed, the more it will share with others. It releases much content of his reference system and lives synergetically with other living entities and information storing units (ISUs) by networking with them. This state is particularly fulfilling, since the entirety benefits from the specialisation of its parts to the highest degree and the state is particularly close to what is essentially L.

[1839] The network requires special precautions against troublemakers, particularly if their troubles are severe. Certain activities and content must be closely monitored to take, if need be, measures against them. The greater the progress, the more diverse are the possibilities. But a highly developed community will have a knack of adequately defending itself and to live in peace.

[1840] Then it will be difficult to judge whether in this world live several life forms or one with several parts. It will be the state from that is changed into higher worlds. It is not necessary in this world to make contact with other worlds, because everything necessary exists in it. This is also true for the subsequent worlds. Every world represents a unit closed in itself that is complete from L.

[1841] The brain follows primarily that what it finds most interesting or most exciting. Only if there is something more vital, it follows that. It must learn not to drift or to be tempted too much, but to organise its life agreeable to L. Here, L assists it to help if ze is accepted and paid tribute to appropriately. Without discipline, life becomes disorderly and fulfilment and happiness stay both away.

[1842] L rewards our brain by fulfilling thoughts, of which many may be of value to others, since they stand alone. We should therefore endeavour to show ourselves worthy of zer, since L only rewards the one who deserves it. It applies not adulterate the thoughts of L does, but to present them in the best light, so that they can enlighten as many as possible. Then everyone's brain may absorb them with pleasure, and enclose them well in zis he

[2039] The brain does not have a decision criterion, whether a thought comes from L or from someone else. It assigns the thought to that person which it considers the causer, if this question comes up. Since L limits zis work to the indispensable, the brain thinks the statements of L itself, if it cannot assign them to its bearer, but to L very well. This should be always kept in mind, regarding a relationship with L.

[2040] L is therefore only as strong as the brain can represent zer. The brain is only as strong as one has refined oneself. How strong L is in the word of L, hence depends on the performance of the enunciator, and is to attribute to him alone. But that L is presented in other writings so weak is an evidence of incapacity of their authors. L wishes from all creatures that they describe zis real strength.

[2041] To this, each creature is able without difficulties that behaves properly. If we thus are confronted with inability, we can infer its cause. Only those want to represent L weak who set their value over zis one. Who bears true witness will represent L always as strong as ze can think zer. Thereby it does not matter how the brain thought L, or its bearer has communicated with zer zerself.

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