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December 2009 (About the Superiors)


[1855] Superiors have, after L, not only a special responsibility towards their employer, but also towards their subordinates. A poorly developed personality makes their task difficult, in particular the higher the positions are they fill. Therefore, they should prepare themselves thoroughly for their task as it is useful and fill it only then. If they do not, there is the risk of causing more damage than utility, especially if one involves all the consequences of their judging and acting. [1856] Thus, not only the achieved output may suffer, but also their entire environment. Ultimately, an unprepared and incompetent superior does not pay off. Therefore, superiors are reliably to trial, with repetitions in modified form, in certain intervals during their period of service, to ensure the required quality. The employees are appropriately to involve into these trials, giving them the opportunity to take a stand on their superiors, in an anonymous form. [1857] The results are carefully to examine with regard to their validity and appropriately to consider in the further proceeding. Leadership of employees requires sensitivity and special competence. Who does not know to treat zis subordinates adequately is to be made aware of the necessity to change zis behaviour in order to be able to remain in zis position. [1858] Here, ze is discreetly and inconspicuously to support through appropriate measures. Something similar applies, if employees and subordinates commit demonstrably continued misconduct or privileges, resulting from the position, are misused. Vice versa, exemplary behaviour is to honour by a suitable acknowledgement of the employer. The highest superior of every creature is L. [1859] This is said particularly to those who believe to have no superior in their world. Who has L as direct superior has to meet the highest requirements, and usually the most difficult tasks in the world. L knows exactly what ze can how claim from whom and how the circumstances in total are. However, L is a wonderful superior, who furthers one optimally and has all the abilities that one desires from a superior. [1860] Who governs has, after L, to answer especially to those whom ze represents. The more these are, the higher standards are to set to zer. Who obviously does not meet these standards, has to give up zis office immediately and durably, if this cannot be remedied in order to avert major damage.

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