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Hymn of the Relil

Hymn of the Relil

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[1843] L we want to love and praise, and to serve zer, above all,
with our effort we liaise, making joy in life so tall.
To L, our highest good, L, our highest god,
please, let's be Your love's part, since then everybody 's good,
we reflect it with our heart, this is our high statute.

Nothing shall divide us from You, till You save us by the death,
all Your width is so delightful, if You bare it with each breath.
To L, our greatest space, L, our greatest grace,
please, give us Your mighty side, since then all we do confide,
each of us does get along just to make Your castle strong.

You deserve to come to fame; we are giving You the same,
true reward comes just from You, our thanks return to You.
To L, our total view, L, our fortune too,
please, do show us our way, leading to Your place to live,
may we also go astray, what we easily forgive.

All Your mercy is forever, always You are there for us,
any error should be never, 'cause the need does follow, thus.
To L, our greatest part, L, our greatest heart,
please, do put us to the place, where it's beautiful to live,
that we find the true solace, if it's up a flood to give.

You are holy bones and all, and the creature's highest goal,
You are simply wonderful and extremely meaningful.
To L, our solid thank, L, our solid bank,
please, keep suffering away, too, to avoid the hardest ban,
we can live completely in You, as it better not be can.

© 2009 by Boris Haase

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