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The Greatest Wealth

The Greatest Wealth

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[1900] The greatest wealth is serving L.
It is not vague, it does compel,
if we just wheel ourselves a lot
to make our world the loveliest spot.

The nicest place is where You live.
We see it, if You want to give
us something with Your godly grace,
so that we find the real solace.

The clearest word for our time
is Yours and it is truly prime.
One must be You to do the same
so that one has the similar fame.

The purest bliss one finds in You.
You make us really happy, too.
Although the fate may damage us:
That what You want is not to discuss.

The greatest strength is Your reward,
if fiercest fight does come toward.
But it must be a fight for You
Non-violent it has to be, too.

The finest deed is to be good.
Result is a kind neighbourhood.
We build a link with Your true love.
The real evil is far above.

The highest worth is to aim at
the goal the word of L has set.
By our love this does succeed.
Your thanks go to us creatures, indeed.

The brightest sound, that is Your praise.
It gives our value a clear raise.
We never will be far away
till we unite on uniting-day.

© 2009 by Boris Haase

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