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February 2010 (About Thinking)


[1911] Thinking becomes only effective from a successful relationship with L, since the personality is so consolidated that disturbing thoughts occur rarely, and one becomes quickly empty to absorb and to process new content. The more relevant one becomes for L, the more goal-directed L can acquaint one with the important issues. A good relationship with L saves much time and unnecessary effort, since the success is important for L and oneself. Because of the deterministic circle, it is not a given that one always has the right thoughts, but it depends on the own karma. [1912] Since only the right thoughts quickly lead to success, the work on the karma and thus the refinement of oneself is important. The circle is complete. To escape a vicious circle, the unambiguous and comprehensive decision for L and the good should stand at the beginning, followed by a consequent implementation with the goal of the optimal development towards L. [1913] Although the thinking mostly wants to pursue the most interesting thought, one should preferably give priority to the most important ones. The right mixture between interesting and important sees to it that thinking is fun and can be kept up for some time, without losing concentration, if the remaining influences are right. Successful thinking needs leisure, rest, relaxation and a good choice of that one is (at all) concerned with. [1914] It requires a reliable assessment of that what is thought, and repeated and thorough dealing with it, especially if the required thoughts are difficult. The more complex an issue is, the more thoughts are required to illuminate it properly. Without a proper portion of perseverance, many problems remain unsolved, since it is often the last desperate attempt to solve one of them that leads to the goal. [1915] Since nobody is free from mistakes, everybody should be prepared for setbacks. Certain mistakes are inevitable; the experience and the proper assessment help to avoid them. Since thinking involves associating, one needs a comprehensive (but not too wide) and hierarchically organised knowledge framework that favours speed. [1916] The more knowledge ballast one jettisons, the more success one has. This also applies to the own vocabulary and the unadorned language. One should try to think short and sweet. It depends decisively on the quality. This can be achieved only through the proper view of the world and this one wins only in the relationship with L. L sees to it that one has no waste thoughts. For this purpose, one needs only to confide in zer without reservation.

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