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[1947] The most effective protection against poverty is the right combination of prevention, development and social integration. The diversity principle allows that every living being can get without fault in poverty. Otherwise the world would be significantly different, and unnecessarily complicated, since freedom would be limited in many things. No world is governed only after morality, since this is not desirable. L has many enemies, but few friends.

[1948] If man would less foreground zerself than L, the major problems would be solved quickly and successfully. It is not the task of the enunciator to follow through with the word of L, but to offer it, to bring it into effect and to explain it. The enunciator cannot set himself as a human being at the top of society and govern according to the word of L, since there is much in it for that the time by far is not yet ripe.

[1949] He is the representative of L in this world. But he is beware of being worn out in the confrontation with the powerful people and losing thus his actual effect of annunciation. When the powerful people decide to govern against the word of L, then they have to answer to L for this. L will rate their easy way as such and draw the consequences appertaining to that.

[1950] These will not please them. But since they knew that they will happen, they have to attribute them to themselves. It may be easy to claim to want to be cleverer than L, but it is much harder to last before L with this. Everyone can view the results, when whippersnapper and don't-do-much rule the world. It is just sad that many have to smart from this, when the former pull the tail of the cash cow.

[1951] The qualified democracy can prevent much of what harms L and the world. But there will be always black sheep who believe to be able to make scot-freely their way in it. Therefore, we must be vigilant and prepare for its enemies. Man is capable of much slyness and able to ignore L totally, when it comes to achieve zis lower goals. Beware of zer!

[1952] The higher the position is that someone would like to hold, the more carefully and frequently ze is to be checked concerning zis qualification. Even if the powerful people claim to be able to do without that, yet the opposite is true. For, power is changing the personality and a personality does not have an effect through its power. It has an effect through the quality of its statements and that means that they must come from L, if the quality shall be high.

[1953] We should consider sufficiently what we (realistically) can and want to achieve in life and what we are willing to do for this. This prevents L, the world and us from disappointments. If we know the expectations that L puts in us, we can judge and act appropriately. The more targeted and comprehensive we worry, the more effective we will achieve our goals and have a fulfilling life.

[1954] It is almost impossible to investigate the personality of L. Therefore, we also should not hold for zis personality what ze shows towards us. L has primarily our weal in mind. So ze chooses for zerself, towards us, the form that furthers us optimally. We should appreciate this gift. L is not supposed to satisfy our curiosity, but to be a companion of the common path through the whole life.

[1955] If we can do something ourselves, we should also do so. We serve L by disburdening zer. We should not underestimate the role of the deterministic circle. Our judging and acting determines what we may experience. It is an illusion to assume that we can determine completely freely what we do. If this option would exist, the world would neither be recognised nor really be worth living.

[1956] L masters zis trouble by viewing it as a task in that ze can prove zerself and whose settlement confirms zer positively. The ability to be able to share zis awareness helps zer thereby and allows zer parallel to devote zerself to more joyful issues. As long as we do not have this ability, we should reduce the trouble that annoys us, and hope that we do not deserve it, so that it also does not happen or only mitigated.

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