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March 2010 (About Motivation)


[1967] To be motivated presupposes that there are things that bring joy to oneself. Where this presupposition is lacking, it must be brought about so that life is worth living again. For this purpose, basic needs are to cover and inhibiting factors to remove or to bring to a tolerable level. It cannot be stressed enough that the mental health and the harmony of environment and self is crucial presupposition for enjoyment of life. [1968] Who does not solve zis psychic conflicts, will have a hard time to become completely healthy. It is important to give thought to zis own state as it needs to be at peace with L, the world and oneself. The time one invests here will be more than compensated by the result, if one proceeds properly. Who views the world not properly, also does not know how things are to take that befall zer. [1969] One starts to develop quaintness, which can quickly attack health, depending on how large the deviations are and what relevance they have. Life is tolerant towards small negative deviations, but it beats back mercilessly, if they are large. The own value system must be right to find a healthy way through life. Only when life has depth, one begins to become a whole person. [1970] The width has to be given much less. It is sufficient if one covers well the essentials of life, and has a field, with which one is taken up. It is not the material things that are decisive for the happiness of life, and it is an error to assume that one could solve zis problems materially, if the living standard is covered. [1971] Serving L and the successful work enable to be motivated and to realise things, on which one sets one's heart. They give the confirmation that motivates to more. Then one can bear even greater burdens, without losing courage. Trusting in L and the intense relationship with L let solve every problem that has a solution in our world. This way we get to know whether this is the case and how we can react properly. [1972] Our high level of motivation and enthusiasm is able to inspire and spark others, if they are willing to admit it. We are so stable that nothing can throw us so quickly off course. The up and down of life encourages us. We know that unwelcome things to us are justified by L and enrich, and make still more fulfilling, all our lives. If they were not, this would also not succeed.

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