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April 2010 (About True Greatness)


[2013] True greatness has only one thing in mind: To serve L at best and to give in this service the world and the creatures that live in it the most valuable that a creature is capable of. It is relative to the capabilities, but absolutely uniquely to recognise. Each creature is capable of true greatness, if it behaves properly and is able to serve. True greatness bears uncomplainingly the vexations and adversity that life offers, since it knows that L compensates, the world is equitable from L and L is nothing alien. [2014] It is a model for many and knows what matters in life and what is important. It has knowledge of itself, forgets itself and is reminded by L again of itself. The middle is crucial. True greatness is empty in order to be free for L. Although the relationship is very close to L, true greatness is not world-forgotten. A certain distance is inevitable, its designing is crucial. [2015] Who does not esteem the small and low, has no true greatness. Only in the successful integration and internalisation of the environment is achieved, what it represents. It is the result of persistent refinement of oneself. Without endurance, study and commitment it will not be achieved, since it is not a natural gift. No creature is truly great from the start. True greatness cannot be generated by technology. [2016] Without doing what is necessary for it, it will not be achieved, especially only with L. There are many creatures that fancy themselves as great, because they believe to have accomplished something great. It is, beyond the achievement, the personality, which constitutes true greatness. Neither one nor the other is sufficient for itself alone. True greatness does not hold court, but affords the required for the necessary. [2017] This is determined from the overabundant love of the creature to L, and vice versa. Anyone who truly loves, needs the little that ze receives and sustains, and vice versa. For, every too much, is a too little for the others, and vice versa. True greatness is truly, and adversary of the wrong. It bears the suffering of the world with difficulties, since the latter burdens the former personally. Therefore, it takes, again and again, pains over remedy and saves no effort to contribute, again and again, crucial to solve the problems of the world, until a significant improvement is achieved that pleases L. [2018] It can vindicate itself at any time about its acting. What matters is how L assesses (it). The judgement and the criticism of the other creatures are not incensible to it, but the incentive for that to be done. If it has once recognised its way before and with L, it is not mislead by others or thrown off course, but continues it undauntedly to the end.

© 2010 by Boris Haase

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