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[2019] It is not necessary that L expresses zerself towards a number of creatures at the same time, since these are able to solve the problems of their world in principle themselves. If, in individual cases, situations exist the creatures themselves cannot solve, L is the last who denies zerself. Gleichschaltung (of thoughts) is due to the strong individualisation in the world problematic and neither desirable, nor imperative.

[2020] The common experience of L takes better place on an individual level on that L can brace zerself for every creature according to its wishes and expectations. Only then it becomes optimal, for otherwise there are too many sights to lower, in terms of quality. The relationship with L demands a creature completely, neither too much, nor too little. Simultaneous undifferentiated experience of L disappoints too many creatures.

[2021] If L would express zerself in zis full strength towards the creatures, this would amount to a complete excessive demand. If ze would take the level of the most developed creatures, they would obtain an exclusive lecture. But this could only always be as strong as these creatures themselves. But then the creatures can infer the utterances of L themselves, if they maintain zer high level.

[2022] This has the advantage that the creatures can decide on their own how high they want to choose their level for what times. Would L offer them always significantly more than even they can infer themselves, their own achievements would be felt to be lagging behind L and contribute to a strong dissatisfaction. This way, every creature achieves what it can and wants, and also experiences its own successes for it.

[2023] It, however, saddens, if many creatures try to go the unrewarding way to relinquish L without cause. So they lag behind that what is possible and damage others and themselves. In this way, the excesses emerge that we find in the world today. It is full of creatures that cling to things that have no real value, and not even realise this.

[2024] This is only still undercut by the creatures that do not want to notice this. Those who cannot do this, have already punished themselves this way. This way one misperformance leads to another, and all together the misperformance of the world. Those who stand at the side of L, have difficulties to cope with so much. The latter is the more difficult to understand, because it punishes ultimately itself.

[2025] With the word of L, every creature knows how to assess this intransigence and where it leads. No creature can escape the compensation by L, how long soever it needs to take place. If the patience of L is exhausted, it is enough. L is willing to accept many things, but if it is enough, it is enough. But if the creatures, along a wide front, choose evil or help to establish it, they have to bear the consequences.

[2026] In the word of L can be found what L expects. If one does the contrary, follows the undesired. Each creature can contribute, after its possibilities, its share to prevent the undesired. If this remains undone, the undesired arises. It is not the task of L to keep everything undesired away, especially not, if it is based on the free decisions of the creatures. These can hamper it in their own right.

[2027] If they are attentive and vigilant, wrongdoers immediately attract attention and can be hampered to exercise their wrongdoings. The qualified democracy makes it difficult for them to come to power, a fortiori for longer. If the creatures are wise, they further the strongest among them particularly, without neglecting the others. Who are the strongest decides their achievement and qualification.

[2028] The pressure is at the most taken off the strongest, if they get quickly all things they need in order to be able to devote themselves to the actually (difficult) tasks. They should be freed of the activities that do not need their strength. If they find an environment in that they feel well and that offers them possibilities that beautifies their lives, they have what they deserve, also from L.

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