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[2042] The commitment of the enunciator for L is maximal and can therefore not be increased. The problems he solves are among the most important and difficult at all. However, this does not mean that other humans must follow suit, as they have and may have different presuppositions and goals. Everybody who endeavours can become an extraordinary appearance and a model for many, if ze avoids the personality cult.

[2043] Who is on the right track will also be quickly noticeably successful. This is yet not a reason to boast or to brag. Real success appears only then, if one got rid of all that L views as low. What all this is can be deduced in the relationship with L. But it is definitely a lot what clearly belongs in this category, even if one does not impose too strict standards.

[2044] In no case, one should ascribe importance to things that do not have it. Anyone who deceives zerself, or tries to lie to L, will always fail in one way or another. It is not society that sets the standards, but L, as long as it differs in many respects from zer. The society also covers what a (depraved) majority accepts, because it has become a habit and is being fought by nobody seriously anymore.

[2045] The politicians who let sell weapons and send soldiers into operational areas are the actual murderer if humans die thereby. They are the failures who are incapable to solve conflicts without violence by sustaining circumstances that are unjust, because their power interests are more important to them than human lives. They beat it only by letting others die without help.

[2046] What can clearly be seen in the poorest developing countries is caused by those who try rather to have, the whole year round, a nice day than just to solve one considerable problem. Since there are more than enough of them, we need not to wonder at the state of our world. Even if one would interchange poor and rich, this would alter nothing of it, since none of the two is better than the other.

[2047] Prosperity is attainable for all, since L has provided the world abundant. Whoever accomplishes the vicious feat to spread poverty and misery in addition to wealth and abundance, indecently assaults not only most wickedly zis fellow creatures, but especially L. That this way leads the responsible persons directly into punishment and reduction through L is inevitable. That they are not only those in the lead is also clear.

[2048] The enunciator made, since he is about 23 years old, through his personal effort, political decisions that prevented the worst and brought about much good. Details cannot be stated for secrecy reasons. Since he is 45 years old, politicians pursue exclusively their policy. The difference is drastic. Only if humans ask him, he will again be available as a politician.

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