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May 2010 (About the Attitude of Mind)


[2049] The attitude of mind is right, if it opens for L. If it does not do it, doors are closed for the mind. The atheist achieves therefore always less than the theist, for L is not merely a projection, but the crucial comes back from zer. But one must not make the mistake of equating L with zis inner voice. The latter is always weaker than oneself, since it is the opponent that the brain constructs. [2050] It has the smaller potential and obeys laws that the brain sets up. It is part of the subconscious, and therefore withdrawn from a direct control. It would be fatal, if one would trust in it as a final instance. If L would have wanted that this function is assigned to it, one would proceed into an undesirable dependency to it. It tries admittedly to set the tone, but one cannot trust it. [2051] It is a partner that one must take suspiciously. L and the divine instances limit their communication with the creatures to that what is indispensable. Therefore, one has to bear the entire responsibility oneself. It is possible, but not easy to educate zis inner voice. One achieves this by refining oneself and by living the relationship with L. By being referred to L, the decisive change of perspective takes place that raises a creature above itself. [2052] Only this way the deterministic circle comes properly to life and leads to the desired results. Only the assonance with the divine interests let come these into effect. The creature's own divinity is to be distinguished clearly from that of L, since L reserved a field, exceeding the creature, which only can be experienced in a relationship with L. A difference to the creature is not only useful, but also necessary, since L and the creature cannot be the same. [2053] This field includes the highest cognitions that first can be understood by a creature, if it fulfils the presuppositions to enter into it. One of these presuppositions is to meet the conditions of L as they are recorded in the divine order and in the word of L. A creature comes always only as far as it meets these conditions. This is the reason why atheists necessarily do not come as far as theists. [2054] Proof is the word of L itself. The deepest cognition is to grasp fully the meaning of L. This is possible for the creatures in weakened form at each time. The attitude of mind that is open enough to achieve this goal, at which time soever, is the right one, since it leads to the receipt of the key that unlocks the fulfilment the creatures long for.

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