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July 2010 (About the Insufficiency)


[2061] Because of the insufficiency of man, the partnership ranks below the relationship with L. The partners can be ever so well developed; they will never manage to achieve the quality of a good relationship with L. The compromises to be made hamper to reach the deep fulfilment and the great happiness, as the successful relationship with L offers it. [2062] The mutual synchronisation of the partners always leads to a weakening and reduction, which does not occur in a relationship with L through the superiority of L. Even the interpersonal communication is an eloquent example of this. Humans cannot build a potential that touches L or gives them a comparable preeminence. Since partnership leads to a mutual levelling if it lasts longer, a difference as in the relationship with L cannot be kept up long. [2063] Although it is possible to grow in the partnership, but it is not possible to make in it comparable progresses as in the mature relationship with L. Interpersonal relationships are rather a meeting between alike and alike, the relationship with L the confrontation with the ultimate. An intense relationship with L is much more comprehensive than a partnership, since it far transcends what is possible for a normal person. [2064] Both can coexist, but each little more in the partnership leads to a notable less in the relationship with L. It is not so easy to combine both so that the mixture is optimal. The more developed a person is, the closer the optimum is to the exclusive relationship with L. The most developed people do not want anything else than it, since they do not want to share L with something ranking below zer. [2065] The full decision for L is always exclusive, since the service to L and for the world demands the whole person undivided. This relationship with L does not lack anything essential and largely frees from the own insufficiencies and those of the others. The relationship with L produces the divine in man, the partnership only the human. The divine can be uniquely recognised by its exceptional nature. [2066] It is that what a person cannot accomplish without the help of L. Those who try it anyway, dash against their own insufficiency, since they cannot obtain by fraud against the divine order, what is not due to them. Anyone who tries to masquerade as divine, without being legitimised by L, will not last long before the creatures, since they recognise very well what is all right with L.

© 2010 by Boris Haase

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