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September 2010 (About the Relationship)


[2073] The relationship is the intensely lived partnership between two persons who are connected in love. The stronger the love ceases, the more the relationship becomes mere connection. In order that this does not happen, the relationship must be built, the more the longer the relationship exists. It is important to view the relationship partner properly and to become truly clear about zer, so that the relationship is true and deep. [2074] Beyond the own performance here primarily helps the relationship with L to find an adequate assessment that includes L and oneself. Just the proper involvement of L helps one to give the relationship particularly high value. It is indicated not to use L for certain purposes and objectives, but properly to reflect, independently as possible, and to consider the reaction of L appropriately. [2075] A successful relationship requires patience and an intense caring about each other. It needs adequate debates that include all points of importance and work out the solutions both sides accept. Since there are always different interests, the relationship is full of compromises, as each side can demand that the other one yields in individual points. [2076] A successful relationship can exist only between partners who are approximately equally strong. This distinguishes it from the relationship with L. It can never offer what a relationship with L can, but it offers a lot instead what the relationship with L does not. The physical side can play a much larger role, and sexuality. Two persons can be simply meant for each other and be congenial. [2077] They can complement each other in a form that may be almost optimal. But a person can indeed never offer that what L can offer. Since L knows this, ze will behave towards someone who lives in a relationship differently than towards someone who does not. The true value of L becomes apparent only in an undivided relationship with L. Nevertheless, one does justice to L, if one decides in favour of a relationship, since not everybody wants the supreme and has to do so. [2078] The deep love between two persons has highlights enough to be able to lead a happy and fulfilled life. The supreme form, however, remains reserved to the successful relationship with L. This is just, since also the price for the relationship with L is much higher. Between the two forms, one should only change in a form acceptable to all sides. Such a change requires intense consideration and debate with all parties and a solution finding that demonstrably and durably does justice to them.

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