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Let be L your Greatest Part

Let be L your Greatest Part

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[2079] Let be L your greatest part, if you love zer with whole heart.
L rejoices in the art if you share right from the start.
Please, do give all for L, please, do it really well.
All the states shall try to aim to get free of any claim
that a person still might raise than to give L fulsome praise.

Right is life that aims to strive to serve best and happiest.
So much wiser the deviser who does always this with zest.
Please, strain yourself for L, please, do it with each cell.
Then L has a solid reason to reward you well all-season:
You can gladly celebrate what no rascal may frustrate.

Do endorse the deep remorse for bad things to that one clings.
Win the nature getting mature with the wisdom that L brings.
Please, comfort L a bit, please, to zer love commit.
You are treasure if you measure every person with Lís view.
Then ze never is so clever to succeed in harming you.

Tear the wall down of the fear-town that is separate from L.
It is better that the latter is surrounded by all well.
Please, make L your dream, please, do join zis team.
Say a good word that does not hurt if you pray with soul to zer.
Then you get a deep reply prompt from zis holy-sacral Coeur.

Without L is simply no bliss: Keep this always in your mind.
There is nothing fascinating outside of Lís world to find.
Please, grant L zis wealth, please, preserve your health.
From the former comes the latter if you make just few mistakes.
It is juster well to trust zer, so no real bale awakes.

© 2010 by Boris Haase

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