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October 2010 (About Despair)


[2085] Every life contains setbacks. The particularly deep ones lead to despair and raise the question why L admitted them. Just the existential threat, as matter of life and death, lets one despair of its hopelessness. But already the serious illness and abject poverty can be enough not to understand the destitution, in particular why it happened to oneself, and not to others. [2086] The lack of perspective can be so stifling that one clearly chooses death over survival, because the soul suffers far more than the body. It are not only the deprivations or illness, which trouble, it is also the knowledge that they are unnecessary, because many humans rather have a good time than to ease them. Therefore, the statement appears as absurd that the world is equitable from L. [2087] The question arises what one is said to have done wrong to deserve such a fate. It is yet for no one a distinction to have to live in this world, if one compares it with others. There are neither much simpler, nor significantly worse worlds, where this is not due to the world itself, but to the creatures that live in it. Their level of development is alarmingly low, despite the so-called achievements that are of value for the creatures. [2088] Already few simple considerations are sufficient to reveal their lesser value. They make the gap between rich and poor bigger and bigger, instead of reducing it. Since the will is not there to change things and hardly anyone turns right to L, why ze also hardly speaks with anyone, the needless suffering in the world follows, and with it despair. L put our fate in our hands. [2089] Ze knows exactly why something happens exactly to someone, what this experiences. Ze is our way out of any crisis. Ze shows us it blatantly obviously in zis word. Those who prefer the suffering behave just wrong. The key to happiness and fulfilment lies in L and oneself. Who cannot get a good chance in this world because of the behaviour of the fellow creatures, gets it as long in a subsequent world until all wrong is compensated. [2090] If ze yet demands it in this world, the presuppositions must be right, especially in zer. L knows every experience that a creature has in this world, since ze had it zerself infinitely often. Therefore, ze can provide it for every creature, whether it wants or not. We can make this decision easy or hard for zer. Ze will decide the way the divine order provides it for, and only deviate in few exceptional cases.

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